2g Plugs / 2 Gauge Plugs

Shop the collection of 2g plugs / 2 gauge plugs, gauges & tunnels for stretched ears.

2g Plugs / 2 Gauge Plugs

If you are looking for quality 2 gauge plugs to freshen up your look, you've come to the right place! Here at Custom Plugs, we have a variety of 2g tunnels, plugs, stretching equipment, and more to suit every type of style. 

2g plugs - Shop our collection of 2g plugs


When we first started on this journey, our goal was to provide plugs that were different and that people would enjoy wearing because the plugs that were available on the market had uninteresting designs and didn't really suit our tastes. 

This has led us to create a wide collection of 2g plugs, 2g tunnels, 2g gauges and 2g ear plugs. From our smooth glass opalite plugs which are incredibly comfortable but look like they are for a special occasion, to our highly popular rose gold steel tunnels that are currently on trend, but incredibly understated. Find 2g ear gauges that match your personal style by shopping the 2g ear gauge collection.  

What size is 2g plugs in mm?


2g plugs are the equivalent of 6mm, but you shouldn’t have trouble finding which sizes are suitable for you with our sizing guide on our website, as well as the option to select jewellery in gauge and mm sizing on our website. To view 2g ear gauges, please see the collection 2g ear gauges collections

What materials, shapes and colors do 2g plugs come in?


The majority of our 2g plugs are made from acrylic, metal, and silicone, but we also stock glass, wood and natural precious and semi-precious stones like labradorite, diamond, and opal. Across the collection there are plenty of colours to choose from, some using the natural features of the material like with Amethyst, or wood, whilst others have colours that pop like with silicone or acrylic. 

Our silicone 2g gauges, plugs, and tunnels are designed to be extra comfy and easy to insert, also making them ideal for sleeping in. Aside from our more classical black and steel-coloured pieces, we have some that have a natural two-tone design or shimmer, making them unique and colourful. 

Metal 2g tunnels and plugs are suitable for any occasion, and our customers use them on a daily basis, as they are comfortable and very lightweight. Our acrylic plugs offer a bit more variety in designs thanks to the ease of working with the material so you’ll find more intricate pieces like the vintage flower 2g plugs. 

You can check our or 2g plugs collection for our full range. 

Our 2g gauge plugs come in various shapes - plug, tunnel and teardrop.


Once you’ve picked out the material you think suits you best, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of shapes as well. Be it a classic plug, a tunnel or an eye-catching teardrop which draws attention, we want to make sure you can achieve whatever style you’re going for. 

Ear stretching equipment


If you’re trying to work up to the 2g size, take a look at our 2g ear stretch equipment as well. Our tapers for stretching come in 8 different sizes, and each one has 2 “O” rings that holds it in place, so you can enjoy 2g ear plugs in no time. 

Have a question about 2g gauge plugs?


Drop us a message to get in touch and we’ll get back to you in a day or two!

What mm Is 2 Gauge Earplugs?

2 gauge in earplugs converts to about 6mm or ¼ inch. That is a rather large size that takes a long time to achieve because you have to gradually work your way up for months, making sure to heal before you increase the size.

What Ear Gauge Is Between 2 And 0?

The space between 2 gauge and 0 gauge is 2mm. The size in the middle is 1g which works out at around 7mm total size.

Can I Stretch From 2g To 00g?

We would not advise it. Most people can do that and expect their ears to revert, but the reality is often that stretching too far too fast will result in tears and other trauma to the ear. You do not want to deal with that later when you decide to try to shrink the hole. Take it as slow as possible and go through sizes 2g,1g 0g first.