Opal Plugs/Gauges

Opal gauges and plugs offer a beautiful natural shimmer that gives ear gauges a dose of elegance for special occasions but without being too overwhelming that you can’t wear them every day if you want to. 

Gold, and silver have been one of the most common materials used in making jewelry, and we use those materials as well, but we like to mix it up and offer options that are unique and have personality, and our real opal plugs certainly fit the bill. 

Opal Plugs/Opal Gauges - Natural & Organic 

We sell a range of opal ear plugs and opal ear gauges on Custom Plugs and we wanted to turn this classic looking material into a timeless collection but include modern designs to make them more accessible to everyone. 

One of our favourites is the Antique Mandala Opal plug that has a double flare steel tunnel and an ornate front with a lot of detailing, which makes it a really stunning piece. Opal gauge earrings like these are perfect for wearing during more formal meetings, as they’ll go great with anything.

If you want a piece that will truly shine, the Silver Opal Flower Plug is a great choice. They’re opal plugs adorned with diamonds on the side. It’s also lightweight for those who are new to their stretching journey and just starting out. 

What Type of Opal Are Your Plugs & Gauges Made From?


Our opal plugs and gauges are synthetic also know as moonstone. Opal is a semi-precious stone and our opal stone plugs come in the colours purple, white and blue. 

For a larger opal collection, please also see our opalite range. Opalite is a man-made, glass version of opal which also has a beautiful sheen to them. Check out all our opalite plugs, teardrop plugs and tunnels on our website.

What shape opal ear gauges do you sell? 

We sell opal ear jewellery in many shapes and sizes including full plugs, opal tunnel plugs, and opal teardrop plugs. Each one creates a different and unique effect! Teardrop plugs are growing in popularity and because opal has a shimmery effect it really goes well with this shape, making it seem almost ethereal! 

What flare do our opal jewelry come in?


When choosing the right opal tunnel plugs for you, the flare and fixing matters. Our opal gauges are available in screwback, flat flare, and double flare. Just remember that if you’re choosing a double flare your stretch size must be the size of the flare in order to safely and comfortably fit them in place. 

What sizes are opal plugs and gauges available in?


We like to cater for a huge array of sizes here at Custom Plugs, so our opal gauges are available in the following sizes: 

0.8mm 1.2mm -16g 

1.6mm - 14g 

3mm - 8g 

4mm - 6g 

5mm - 4g 

6mm - 2g 

8mm - 0g 

10mm - 00g 

12mm - 1/2" 

14mm - 9/16" 

16mm - 5/8" 

18mm - 11/16" 

20mm - 13/16" 

22mm - 7/8" 

24mm - 15/16" 

25mm - 1" 

26mm - 1.024" 

28mm - 1.10" 

30mm - 1.18" 

32mm - 1 1/4" 

34mm - 1 5/16" 

36mm - 1 7/16" 

38mm - 1 1/2" 

40mm - 1 9/16" 

42mm - 1 5/8" 

44mm - 1 3/4" 

46mm - 1 3/16" 

48mm - 1 7/8" 

50mm - 2" 

Note: the most popular designs sell out quickly in common sizes. 

Got a question about our opal gauges and plugs?

Have a question about opal gauges, tunnels, or plugs? Want a particular design that you can’t find? Get in touch and we’ll get back to you in a day or two.