Wood Tunnels

Explore our variety of wood tunnels - 100% organic.

Wood Tunnels for Stretched Ears - Custom Plugs

Explore wood tunnels here at Custom Plugs. Elevate your ear-styling game with our stunning array of wooden ear tunnels, offering a unique blend of natural aesthetics and craftsmanship. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of ear jewellery, our diverse selection promises to cater to all preferences.

From cool carvings to minimalist designs, our wood tunnel collection showcases the versatility of wood in creating stylish and comfortable ear tunnels.

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Lightweight and comfortable, wooden tunnels are renowned for their natural ability to reduce odour and ear buildup. It's advisable to wear organic products in fully healed, stretched ears.

Due to the distinctive nature of wood grain, the actual wood colour may differ from the displayed image. However, when ordering a pair, rest assured that we try our best to match up plugs to the images provided. We conscientiously acquire all our real wood from sustainable sources, ensuring that one piece of wood can yield hundreds of plugs.

Organic Wood Tunnel Materials

Wooden flesh tunnels offer a comfortable and lightweight alternative for individuals seeking a natural material for stretched ears. Made from an organic material they're perfect for sensitive skin and will help reduce odours. We stock a variety of wood tunnels, made from different types of organically sourced wood:

Jackfruit Wood: A light yellowish colour compared to some of the wood tunnel range, each wood tunnel gauge is delicately hand-carved and then oiled and polished to perfection.

Teak Wood: A neutral light brown-toned wood, some of our range even features teak wood with coloured resin to create stylish and unique wood tunnel plugs.

Crocodile Wood: A light beige colour, crocodile wood tunnels have unique grain patterns. If you order a pair, we will match up plugs as best as possible.

Saba Wood: A neutral dark brown-toned wood, that appears smooth in grain. Some of our Saba wood tunnel plugs have stylish carved patterns for that extra flair.

Ebony Wood: A dark-coloured wood, which is available in a variety of designs. Our ebony wood plugs even feature customisable options.

Sono Wood: Another darker colour in our wood variety, sono is close to saba and ebony in terms of colour and grain. Our sono wood range includes stunning abalone to make your wood plug stand out.

Can I wear wood tunnels for stretched ears daily?

Yes, wood tunnels are suitable for daily wear. Their lightweight nature and organic material make them comfortable for extended use. Ensure your ears are fully healed before consistent daily wear to prevent irritation.

How do I clean and maintain wood tunnels?

Clean wood tunnels with a damp, soft cloth to remove dirt or oils. Avoid submerging them in water, as excessive moisture can affect the wood. Apply a small amount of natural oil, like jojoba or coconut oil, to maintain the wood's lustre and prevent it from drying out.

Can I shower or swim with wood tunnels in my stretched ears?

It's advisable to remove wood tunnels before showering or swimming. Wood can absorb water, potentially leading to warping or changes in shape. Protect your tunnels from prolonged exposure to moisture to maintain their integrity.

Are wood tunnels suitable for new stretches?

While wood is generally comfortable, it's recommended to wait until your stretch is fully healed before wearing wood tunnels. Start with non-porous materials during the initial stretching period, and transition to wood once your ears have adjusted to the new size.