Ear Weights and hangers

Ear Weights & Hangers for Stretching

When you’ve stretched your ears, ear weights are the next stage to achieve your desired look. Our gorgeous collection of ear hangers and weights here at Custom Plugs are just what you need. From light or heavy ear weights to different materials like gold ear weights & brass ear weights and even bird skull ear weights.  We have one of the best collections of ear weights and hangers in the world!  

What are ear weights?

Ear weights are pieces of jewellery you use once you have your ears stretched already. We don’t recommend using ear weights for stretching as they can lead to uneven stretching. Using ear weights for stretching can also cause blowouts, tearing, and stop you from being able to revert back to smaller sizes if you want them to heal. 

Instead, you’re better off using our ear stretching kits until you reach a size you’re comfortable with. After that, feel free to rock some of our awesome ear gauge weights. Keep in mind that, for most cases, in order to wear ear weights safely, we would recommend a minimum plug size of 6 mm, which means 2 gauge ear weights, so make sure you check the sizes before ordering. 

What materials, shapes, and colours do our ear weights gauge come in?

We’ve worked hard at Custom Plugs to give you a diverse selection of high-quality ear weights for stretched ears. On our site, you’ll find everything from 8g ear weights, 00g ear weights and much more. We also have ear weights in different sizes and weight categories such as 10 grams, 20 grams, 24 grams and heavier.

As for materials, if you prefer metal ear weights, you can take your pick from a variety of brass ear weights or gold ear weights. But remember, brass ear hangers will oxidise over time so polish them regularly and avoid any conditions with extreme moisture. 

If you’re a fan of elegant and unique designs, you might like our glass ear weights which also come in a variety of colours and can give a stunning shimmer for special occasions. We also have metal ear weight hangers with intricate details and crystal accents like our rose quartz ear weights which are a current customer favourite. These in particular are available in different sizes, ranging from 2g ear weights all the way to 0g ear weights and more. 

How to use ear weights?

You can use ear weights like any other plug once you have stretched enough. If you’re new to ear stretching or ear weights, you should probably start with lighter ear weights and work your way up to the more heavy ear weights (e.g. made of brass or stone). 

The weight takes some getting used to, so don’t feel pressured to go big straight away. Each body or ear is different and you should take time to find the weight and size of stretched ear hangers you’re comfortable with. 

Can I use ear weights to stretch?

No, we do not recommend doing that as it can lead to uneven stretching. Use tapers instead for best results and minimal complications. Ear weights are mostly used for aesthetic purposes.

What size should I be before using ear weights?

All of our ear weights have recommended minimum size stated in the store which tends to depend on weight and how healed your ears are. Some models come in smaller sizes, such as 4g ear weights, but you will find that most are stated as ear weights 2g and above.

Do you stock men’s ear weights?

Most of our weights have a unisex design, so feel free to pick whichever you like! Most men go for stone or metal weights but that shouldn’t stop you from rocking your own style!