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Sustainability at Custom Plugs

Let us introduce you to our new upcycled range!



Our dedicated staff members have handcrafted these necklaces using macrame knot techniques. The centerpiece of the necklace showcases a tunnel plug, sourced from our collection of plugs that were due to be recycled. At Custom Plugs, we maintain high-quality control standards, and we strive to give a new lease of life to our products that may have minor imperfections. This demonstrates our strong commitment to sustainability. Check out our upcycled necklace collection!




We have taken numerous measures to enhance sustainability at Custom Plugs HQ. This includes transitioning our packaging bags to a combination of 50% craft paper and 50% plastic, as well as utilizing craft paper envelopes. Our customers adore the diverse envelope designs when receiving each order, which not only makes the unboxing experience memorable and exciting but also contributes to environmental preservation. We also use cardboard boxes and wrap the jewellery with craft paper for extra protection.



All of the cardboard boxes that accompany our awesome stock are sent to our recycling bin facilities, ensuring their proper disposal and minimizing waste. Additionally, we make a conscious effort to reuse any bubble wrap, reducing the need for new packaging.



To prioritize the team's hydration and encourage the consumption of the recommended 2.5 litres of water per day, we have installed a water filter at our office. This filter seamlessly connects to our existing water system, eliminating the need to purchase and dispose of large plastic water bottles.


Our team actively participates in sustainable commuting practices such as cycling to work, car sharing, or utilizing public transportation. By choosing these environmentally-friendly transportation options, we are collectively making a positive impact.


We offer a wide selection of materials that can be customized with laser engraving, along with an extensive of design options to choose from. To ensure the highest quality, we thoroughly test our designs on products with minor imperfections that were originally destined for recycling. By doing so, we are able to salvage and utilize all the flawless pieces exclusively for our valued customers.



We have a large selection of wood products, which is a sustainable and natural resource. By utilizing wood as a primary material, we support the preservation of our environment. Wooden plugs are known for being lightweight, comfy and naturally reduce odour and ear gunk. We recommend you only wear organic products in fully healed stretched ears. We thoughtfully source all our real wood from sustainable sources, and we can make hundreds of plugs from one piece of wood. Take comfort in the fact we hand-select the finest raw materials to make our wooden plugs, so you get high-quality products as standard. Our wood products are carved by highly experienced crafters in Bali, Indonesia. The images below depict the planting of trees that can later be transformed into our fabulous plugs. We adore witnessing the journey of our products, beginning as seeds and being crafted into cool pieces of art for our lobes.

Check out our wood plugs collection!