Fake Plugs

Fake plugs & fake gauges

Fake plugs and fake ear stretchers are perfect if you don’t want to deal with modifying your body permanently but still want to wear a wide range of awesome plug designs.

Ear stretching is growing in popularity, in fact, so many wear plugs now that it’s becoming as normal as regular ear piercings. Yet, not everyone wants the commitment of stretching their ears. Does this mean that all the amazing plugs and gauges are not meant for you?

Not at all! Our faux gauge earrings can help anyone get the look of stretched ears without actually dealing with stretching! With faux plug earrings, you can test whether the style fits you without worrying about the appearance of empty ear lobes when you don’t wear jewelry!

We have one of the largest fake plug earrings lineups you can find online. Those perfect fake gauges are just a click away!

Fake Plugs

Our wide range of fake plug jewelry products fit well with many different styles. The faux ear plugs we sell allow you to test out exactly what it would be like to stretch your ears. That’s because our fake plugs come in the same styles and materials as our normal plugs. Choose from different style fake stretcher earrings in any material you prefer: surgical steel, silicone, Bioflex, gold, titanium, wood, or stone, we have all of them. We only use materials that are tested and safe to wear.

Fake Gauges

If you’re new to the world of body modification, chances are that you might refer to fake plugs as fake gauge earrings. The main difference between plugs and gauges is that plugs are the actual jewelry, and gauges are used to measure the size of said jewelry. But the terms are often used interchangeably.

The sizing isn’t straightforward either! When it comes to gauges, we’re talking about smaller instead of bigger: The smaller the gauge number, the larger the actual size of the plug. This means that for a smaller number of the gauge, you will need a bigger hole in your earlobe.

So, if you want to try 0g or 2g gauges, or any other size larger than your actual piercings allow, now you can pick and choose from our lineup of different fake ear gauge sizes.

Is it ok to wear fake plugs and fake gauges?

Yes of course! Fake gauges and plugs don’t stretch your ears so there is no lasting physical effects. It’s perfectly fine to wear fake plugs and gauges long-term too, you can keep the look of stretched ears without the commitment.  We fo not currently offer fake spiral gauges but a wide range of fake plugs and gauges

Got a question about our fake plugs or gauges?

Unsure whether our faux gauges are right for you? Can’t find the material or design you’re looking for? If you have any questions about our fake plugs and fake gauges lineup, drop us a message and we’ll get back to you quickly!

Do fake plugs/gauges stretch your ears?

No - fake gauges / plugs do not stretch your ears. They fit into your regular piercing and give the illusion of having plugs.

How do you insert fake plugs / gauges?

Fake plugs / gauges are inserted like regular earrings. Just pop them in and attach the back.

Do fake plugs / gauges look real?

They can look real to people who do not have any experience with ear stretching. But they will look fake to people who have stretched ears.