Ear Stretchers

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Ear Stretchers

Ear stretchers are used for a type of body modification practiced globally and actually dates back thousands of years! With such a long runtime, you could say it never stopped being a trend. And we can help you continue this custom with our ear stretcher kits.

To start, you’ll need a traditional ear piercing and then you’ll use earlobe stretchers to start making the hole larger until you can wear plugs and tunnels. Plugs and tunnels come in various sized gauges to suit whichever stretch you prefer.

What are ear stretchers?

Ear stretchers, often referred to as tapers or gauge tapers, are specifically designed tools that help you stretch your earlobe to the desired size in order to wear plugs and tunnels instead of traditional earrings.

While it’s recommended to leave your first ear stretching to a professional, once they show you how, you can continue stretching your earlobes at home. And you can easily do it with one of our ear stretcher kits.

Shop our ear stretchers collection

We sell individual single-size ear stretchers in all possible gauge sizes, as well as complete ear stretcher kits that help you stretch your ears to the point of your favourite plugs and tunnels sizes.

Choose from regular straight tapers, or see our collection of spiral gauges and pincher gauges.

What materials do our ear stretchers come in?

We choose the materials of our ear stretchers based on their safety and to prevent sensitivities and reactions. We sell our ear stretchers and ear stretcher kits in three kinds of materials: acrylic, glass, and synthetic stone so you can choose the perfect material for your style.

All our materials are durable to withstand the stretching process as well as making sure to avoid complications following the right care during stretching and healing.

What sizes do our ear stretchers come in?

You’ll find everything from the smallest to the biggest ear stretchers in our shop!

Our ear stretcher kits and ear stretchers come in all the common sizes from the smallest 14g, through 0g and 00g, all the way to the largest 13/16" including 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. Start small and stop whenever you reach the gauge of your desired plugs.

Our ear stretchers also come in 6- to 9-piece kits. All the tapers come with two “O” rings that will keep them in place as you progress along each taper and help your ears get used to the new gauge.

You can consult our ear stretching sizing guide to see the wearable depth of each and double-check the size in metric and imperial units so you know exactly which size you need to buy.

Got a question about our ear stretchers?

Have a question about ear stretchers? Not sure which material to pick? Unsure about the size or how to wear them? Contact us and we’ll get back within one to two days!

What are ear stretchers called?

Ear stretchers (tools used for stretching ears) are often also called tapers or spirals. Tapers usually come in sets for stretching ears gradually with different sizes as well as "O" rings to keep them in place.

How long do you keep ear stretchers in?

Tapers & ear stretchers should not be left in for long periods. You should slowly stretch up to your new size over a period of a few minutes or whatever it takes to do it comfortably. Once the taper is all the way through you should follow up and insert a plug. Using an insertion taper will make this easier as they have a hole which you can place your plug inside.

Is ear stretching reversible?

Ear stretching can be reversible but the size at which it becomes irreversible will be different for different people. Many piercers will say that stretching to 6mm (2g) to 8mm (0g) is reversible but there is always a chance they won't stretch back down fully.

How do you stretch your ears?

Stretching your ears is a long process with many steps - please read our full guide on how to stretch your ears here.