Enamel Pins - Cool Pins & Horror Enamel Pins

Enamel Pins - Cute Pins & Cool Pins

Enamel pins and badges are accessories that can complement your bags, coats, and clothes. At Custom Plugs we source cool pins that are for those with an alternative style and like dark tastes. Enamel badges can be created into any shape or size giving you an easy way to express yourself and keep mixing it up.

Enamel Pins - Cool Pins and Horror Enamel Pins

Here at Custom Plugs we sell a wide range of enamel pins with a huge range of custom designs. If you like enamel badges that fall under a goth, biker, horror, or emo style, this is your one-stop-shop to find the enamel badges that will suit you.

Do you want a pin for your favorite jacket that announcing how proud you are to be a vegan? Do you stand by the phrase “death before decaf?” What about the cross of Leviathan or serpent Ankh on your lapel? These are all options that you can find.

But it’s only a portion of what we have to offer to help you represent your style and personality . Our high-quality pins are also long-lasting, durable, and have sturdy fasteners to stay in place well, so you’ll be able to keep them around for quite a while!

The Coolest Skull Pins & Death Pins On the Planet

While we have plenty of different designs to choose from, one of our specialties is some of the coolest skull pins and death pins on the planet. They aren’t just one type of skull pin either. We have taken the time to come up with plenty of interesting and unique designs so that you aren’t limited to the classic skull pins. Stand out from the crowd with 

For instance, the Life & Death Enamel Pin shows a half-and-half display of a zombified face and a skull. You can even browse skull pins that have designs inside of the skull or are dinosaur fossils rather than human skulls. We love coming up with incredible ideas that are just as unique as those wearing them.

Horror Enamel Pins & Horror Pins

You won’t find any cute Disney enamel pins on Custom Plugs but you will find plenty of horror pins to spark your interest. This includes the skulls we’ve already talked about alongside options such as a heart fashioned out of a noose, a shadow demon, and even the death Tarot card. The scorpion and hand of glory designs are also wildly popular.

A lot of the enamel pins you’ll find here also match the designs offered on the plugs that we sell so that you can co-ordinate. If you have stretched ears, you can even add some symmetry by matching up your favorite pins with your favorite plugs.

Small details can make any outfit. Adding your favorite enamel pins to your jacket, vest, bag, or shirt is a great way to add a little easy but noticeable customization. The cool and horror enamel pins like the ones that we offer are a great way to add a touch of self-expression to any outfit or ensemble.