10 years ago, Chris and Matthew set up an online business selling plugs.

To this day we still sell plugs, as well as clothing, accessories and much more. Although our product range constantly updates and evolves, the core mission remains the same.
“To be the number 1 choice for plug wearers across the world”

We’ve built a passionate team who shares our vision and we want to help you find your perfect pair of plugs!



In 2011 we were both working 9-5 at the same restaurant job.
Our shared interests of Halo 2 and alternative music soon led to a great friendship.

One morning after a few too many drinks, Matt realised he had lost one of his plugs.
We searched every shop in the city for some replacement plugs and were struck with the realisation that the plugs on offer kinda sucked.

That day Custom Plugs was born and we came up with our plan to make plugs for plug wearers by plug wearers.


You may think that the goal of our business is to sell as many plugs as possible. But that is not the case.
We want to help plug wearers find the perfect pair of plugs, for some customers this is easy and for others, this may require help and guidance from us.

The overall mission of our brand helps inform and solidify our core values.

1 - Help plug wearers find the perfect pair of plugs
2 - Deliver happiness through customer service
3 - Embrace and drive change
4 - Be creative and have fun doing it
5 - Build a positive team through communication

There is no problem too big or small and if you aren’t happy, then we aren’t happy.


Despite receiving hundreds/thousands of orders and emails every week, we are still a relatively small team.
We take great pride in our team members and enjoy seeing them grow both at work and in their personal lives.
We wouldn’t be where we are today without them and their passion.

By keeping the team smaller we can offer more opportunities for them and spend more time, one on one to hear their thoughts and ideas.


The sense of community we feel when speaking with our customers and seeing them out in the wild wearing Custom Plugs products fills our hearts with joy and keeps the fire burning for us to get a pair of Custom Plugs in every plug wearers ears.
We’ve made great friends through running this business and hope to make many more through our friendly and active online community.

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We literally started in a bedroom, working after our restaurant shifts and on weekends to try to make this a reality.
For us to now be able to do this full time and employ people is amazing!
We are very humbled by the support we’ve been shown and grateful for the opportunities and experiences we’ve had thanks to it.

As we continue to grow we are focusing our efforts on providing the best service, unique products and giving back to the community.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story.
Chris, Matt & Everyone at Custom Plugs x




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