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Welcome to Custom Plugs, your destination for high-quality ear gauges and tunnels. Our collection of saddle plugs is designed to cater to your style, comfort, and fashion needs. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to ear stretching, our diverse range of saddle plugs offers something for everyone.

Saddle plugs, also known as ear saddle plugs, are a popular choice among those who seek a unique and comfortable fit. Their distinctive shape features a wider middle section, resembling a saddle, which helps distribute pressure evenly on the earlobe. This design not only ensures a secure fit but also reduces the risk of discomfort often associated with traditional plugs.

Our saddle ear plugs are crafted from premium materials such as surgical steel, acrylic, wood, and stone, ensuring durability and hypoallergenic properties. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a more rustic and organic feel, we have a variety of materials and designs to suit your taste.

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For those looking to make a bold statement, our saddle hanger ear jewellery collection offers an edgy and eye-catching option. These unique pieces feature intricate designs and vibrant colours that are sure to turn heads wherever you go. From geometric patterns to intricate motifs, our saddle hangers are perfect for expressing your individuality.

If you want to add some weight to your stretched ears, our saddle ear weights are the perfect choice. These stylish accessories come in a variety of designs, from simple and minimalist to ornate and decorative. With their comfortable fit and stylish appearance, our saddle ear weights are ideal for everyday wear or special occasions.

For those who prefer a more traditional look, our collection of saddle ear gauges offers a classic and timeless option. Available in various sizes and styles, our ear gauges are designed to accommodate different stretching needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a subtle upgrade or a dramatic transformation, our saddle ear gauges provide the perfect solution.

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In addition to our wide selection of saddle plugs, we also offer a range of accessories and aftercare products to ensure your stretching journey is smooth and comfortable. From lubricating balms to stretching kits, we have everything you need to keep your ears healthy and looking their best.

Shop our collection of saddle plugs today and discover the perfect accessory to complement your style. With our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, you can trust Custom Plugs to provide you with the ultimate ear-stretching experience.

What are saddle plugs, and how do they differ from traditional ear plugs?

Saddle plugs, also known as ear saddle plugs, feature a distinctive shape with a wider middle section, resembling a saddle. This design helps distribute pressure evenly on the earlobe, offering a more comfortable fit compared to traditional plugs.

Are saddle plugs suitable for everyone, including those new to ear stretching?

Yes, saddle plugs are suitable for individuals at all stages of ear stretching, including beginners. Their unique shape and wider design make them comfortable to wear, even during the initial stages of stretching. However, it's essential to stretch your ears gradually and safely to avoid discomfort or injury.

What materials are saddle plugs commonly made from, and are they hypoallergenic?

Saddle plugs are crafted from various materials, including surgical steel, acrylic, wood, and stone. These materials offer durability and a wide range of aesthetic options to suit different preferences. Additionally, many saddle plugs are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies. However, it's essential to check the material specifications to ensure compatibility with your skin.