Wedding Plugs and Wedding Gauges

Special occasions like weddings call for special body jewellery, so why not express yourself on your big day with wedding plugs and tunnels?

It can be particularly difficult to find bridal ear plugs and modification jewellery for weddings that are going to compliment your theme, gown or suit. But here at Custom Plugs we have wedding plugs and wedding gauges to complement your big day!

Preparing for your wedding day? Special occasions call for special jewelry, but if you wear plugs or tunnels, you are well aware of how difficult it is to find bridal earplugs that will go well with your wedding dress or suit.

Shop our selection of wedding plugs for ears

Get fancy plugs for weddings, including bridal gauges made of brass, rose gold, gold, or stainless steel, in versatile designs that will fit well with different wedding motifs and colour schemes.

You can choose from our dangle gauges selection with different precious stones and pearl decorations, glass and gems to add a sparkle to match the dress. Or browse through our bridal plugs selection for intricate flower plug designs or gem flower plugs to match your bouquet or buttonhole!

Save the date with engraved wedding plugs

Our wedding ear tunnels are also the perfect gift for your bridal party or your partner because you can get them custom engraved. Add your wedding date, or partner’s initials to your wedding plugs as a sentimental gift that adds a quirky twist to wedding favours!

We can engrave a wide variety of materials including glass or wood plugs so you can customise pretty much any material.

What size of wedding ear tunnels and plugs do you have?

Our selection of wedding ear gauges spans from our smallest 3mm size, all the way to 100mm. Our most popular sizes are wedding gauges 00g and wedding gauges 0g, which are perfect to bring all the intricate design details of our wedding plugs into the spotlight.

Should I go for wedding plugs or tunnels?

This is entirely up to you, and the best part is you can choose either! Pick something that goes with what you plan on wearing to the wedding, and it depends on how prominent you want them to be!

Some brides and grooms want their piercings to be low-key at the wedding so they opt for flesh-coloured plugs or simple gauges. Whilst some want to show off their stretched ears with wedding ear tunnels with intricate designs and bold colours including our amazing gold gem teardrop tunnels, dangle tunnels dotted with different gems, or lotus tunnels that can be combined with long bridal earrings for a dramatic effect.

Have questions about wedding plugs?

If you’re looking for wedding plugs and tunnels and can’t find that perfect fit, or you’re unsure of what gauge wedding earrings would be best for your big day. Get in touch and we’ll get back to you within a day or two.