Iron on Patches

Cool Iron On Patches & Skull Patches

Patches for clothes have been around for years! From the military culture of ancient China to the counterculture of the 1970s punk scene, embroidered patches have long been used to display rank or simply as a fashionable addition. Eventually, as technology and new affordable material developed, wearers were given an easier option than hand-embroidered patches for clothing: iron on patches. These are easy to apply and come in plenty of styles.

Our Iron On Patches

We here at Custom Plugs have plenty of options when it comes to cool patches and cater to a wide variety of alternative styles. If you’re interested in goth, emo, or punk fashion, this is a good place to look for patches for jackets, as well as to customize the rest of your wardrobe. 

Because we like to mix things up we have a lot of the weird and wonderful designs to choose from. Like whimsical color depictions of avocados to ouija boards, pinups, and demons, there’s a little something for everyone.

Are These Cool Iron On Patches Suitable for All Clothes?

Yes! The patches we offer are usable on a variety of different clothes and all of our options can be used as iron on patches for jeans, jackets, and also bags and other accessories made from denim or easy-to-transfer material.

Backpack patches, for example, are a great way to personalize what you carry just as much as you personalize what you wear and lets you bring a little bit of your style to everything you own. From skull patches to denim patches you can customize and turn boring backpacks into something unique that suits you.

How Do I Iron On Patches for Clothes?

Every iron on patch that we offer comes with instructions for applying it and the process itself is fairly simple. These instructions are pretty much universal and can be followed for any clothing or accessory item that you’re applying the patch to.

Generally, as their name suggests, all you have to do is iron these patches into place wherever you want them to go. But, this isn’t your only option either. If you prefer, you can also sew the patches into place if you like going old-school. But we’ve found with our iron on patches that they are just as long-lasting and a lot less work.

Do You Offer Custom Patches? 

Right now, we, unfortunately, don’t offer custom patches. However, don’t give up just yet! We are looking at ways that we can bring the same awesome designs from our plugs and jewelry to our iron on patches. So watch this space and see if you can spot your favorite designs coming soon!

Questions About Iron On Patches?

Get in touch and we’ll aim to reply as soon as we can.

If you’re interested in picking up some iron-on patches for your favorite clothes, we got you covered. There’s something for everyone and we look forward to offering custom options soon!