Glass Tunnels

Find your style with glass tunnels at Custom Plugs.

Glass Tunnels: A Blend of Style and Comfort

As specialists in ear gauges, we pride ourselves on offering a unique and diverse range of premium accessories, including our meticulously crafted glass tunnels.

Comfort and versatility with our glass tunnels at Custom Plugs

Our glass tunnels are crafted with precision and care, these tunnels seamlessly merge style with comfort. The transparent nature of glass adds a touch of modernity, allowing you to showcase your stretched ears with confidence. Whether you're selecting a larger size or just beginning your ear-stretching journey, our glass tunnels cater to all, providing a timeless and elegant option for your collection.

Discover the diversity within our glass ear tunnels collection. From classic designs to intricate patterns, we offer a variety of styles to suit individual preferences. Whether you're drawn to simplicity or crave a more elaborate look, our glass tunnel plugs and gauges provide a canvas for expressing your unique style. Embrace the transparency of glass and let your personality shine through your ear adornments.

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The comfort of our glass tunnel plugs and gauges is unparalleled. The smooth and cool surface of the glass ensures a gentle and pleasant fit, minimising discomfort during insertion and wear. The lightweight nature of these tunnels makes them ideal for extended use, allowing you to flaunt your style effortlessly.

Preserving the beauty and integrity of your glass tunnels is easy with proper care. Clean them regularly using a mild soap and water solution or an alcohol-based cleaner to remove dirt or oils. Avoid harsh chemicals that may damage the glass. Store your glass tunnel jewellery in a dry and clean place, protecting it from potential scratches and maintaining its clarity.

For those who seek a personalised touch, our collection includes glass tunnel gauges that cater to various sizes and preferences. Whether you're interested in smaller gauges for a subtle look or larger glass tunnel plugs for a bolder statement, we have options that align with your stretching journey and style choices.

High Quality Glass Tunnel Gauges 

Our glass tunnels collection offers a fusion of elegance, comfort, and versatility. Explore the world of glass ear tunnels that cater to seasoned gauge enthusiasts and those embarking on their ear-stretching adventure. Shop confidently and elevate your ear-gauging experience with our premium glass tunnel jewellery today.

Can I wear glass tunnels for ear stretching?

Absolutely! Glass tunnels are an excellent choice for ear stretching. Their smooth surface and hypoallergenic properties make them comfortable, reducing the risk of irritation during the stretching process. Start with smaller sizes and gradually move up as your ears adjust. Glass tunnels are suitable for extended wear. The lightweight nature and comfortable fit make them ideal for daily use. Ensure your ears are fully healed before wearing them continuously to prevent any discomfort.

Are glass tunnels safe for individuals with sensitive skin?

Yes, glass tunnels are an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic nature of glass minimises the risk of irritation or allergic reactions. Enjoy the elegance of glass without compromising on comfort, making it a suitable option for individuals with skin sensitivities.

Can I transition from other materials to glass tunnels easily?

Absolutely. The design of our glass tunnel plugs facilitates an easy transition for individuals accustomed to wearing different materials. The smooth surface and comfortable fit make the shift seamless, allowing you to experience the unique qualities of glass without any discomfort.

Are there different sizes and styles available in glass tunnels?

Yes, our collection offers a variety of sizes and styles to cater to individual preferences. Whether you're looking for smaller gauges for a subtle look or larger glass tunnel plugs for a bold statement, we have options to align with your style and stretching journey. Explore the diversity within our glass tunnel collection and find the perfect fit for you.