Body Jewellery

Body Jewelry

When you think of body jewelry, normally it’s rings, bracelets, and maybe earrings that spring to mind. But, actually, body jewelry usually refers to the lesser-known piercings like a dermal, labret, belly bar. If any of those have you scratching your head, read on and we’ll tell you more about it!

What is body jewelry?

Body jewelry usually refers to a body piercing and is a tradition that has existed for thousands of years across many cultures. Piercing has even been traced back to Egyptian mummies and middle eastern tradition over four thousand years ago. It became common practice worldwide very quickly, developing independently in countries across the world and spreading globally from there.

You will most likely of heard of body jewelry and piercing on the lobes of the ears as well as plugs for ears, but many use body jewelry as a form of expression which has expanded over the years to some unique places. From a circular barbell piercing/curved barebell, nipple to belly chain and BCR, these are all types of body jewelry.

Is it body jewelry or body jewellery?

Like most things, the practice of decorating with body jewelry was heavily influenced by the cultures of the places that developed it. Jewelry styles, piercing methods, placement, and more have all been made location and culture-specific depending on where you are being pierced.

Language has also been heavily influenced by location and has produced two English spellings for the word for ornamental piercing. The shorter of the two “jewelry” is the American English version, while “jewellery” is the British English version.  Both "body jewelry" and "body jewellery" are correct. 

How to choose body jewelry?

You may have seen body jewelry and wondered if it was for you, or maybe you already have body piercings but have had trouble finding jewelry that suits you. Depending on your piercings and preferred style of jewelry, our custom-made pieces will give you a lot to choose from.

When choosing body jewelry, there are three facets to take into consideration:

  • Placement - Very important because not all body jewelry is made the same. A belly chain, for example, is very different from a barbell piercing or labret ring. You must first decide which piercing you are buying jewelry for, or where you want to be pierced for your jewelry.
  • Metal type - Choosing a metal type is important to the health of your piercing. All piercings, especially new ones, should be fitted with medical-grade metal, such as our titanium piercings, to ensure the healing process is quick and easy.
  • Style - Studs, bars, rings, and chains are all popular body jewelry styles you can choose from as well as BCR, barbell and plugs.

It’s important to note that body jewelry is very customisable so you can usually choose from many different metal colours and gemstone types to find what you like best.

What types of body jewelry do we sell?

Our body jewelry comes in many different styles and is available for all common types of piercings. We sell jewelry for ear piercings such as tragus, but we also sell belly bars, dermal tops, tongue bars, nose piercings rings, nose hoops, mouth piercing jewelry, and more.

Our body jewelry is custom-made and safe for your piercings.  Feel free to take a look at some of our body jewelry options and take advantage of our free returns and shipping.

I’ve got a question about body jewelry!

It is important that body jewelry is high grade and safe to use, which is why all of our pieces are custom-made. Piercing is a safe tradition when performed in a clean and professional environment, and body jewelry ornamentation is just as important as the piercing itself. 

Have a question about a piece of body jewelry that wasn’t answered here? Contact us for more information! We are body jewelry and piercing specialists.

What is the best metal for body jewelry?

The following metals are the best for new piercings.

  • Surgical steel
  • Titanium (nickel-free)
  • Niobium
  • Gold (nickel-free)
  • Platinum

As with everything the most suitable material for body jewellery will also depend on the person wearing it and the part of the body. Your safest best is surgical steel.

Where can I buy good body jewelry?

Good body jewelry can be purchased online from a reputable & established body jewellery business or your local piercing studio. Avoid Amazon & Ebay. Check out sites like Etsy for a wide range of more unique & higher quality products or shop our range here.

What's the most painful piercing?

Genitals, nipples and Septum are usually considered to be the most painful. But a lot is down to your body and how it responds to pain. It's not the same for everyone.

Do piercings hurt more than tattoos?

This will all depend on where the piercing or tattoo is. The more sensitive areas of the body come with more pain. It's something which is commonly asked but basically impossible to answer.