6mm Plugs / Gauges

Here at Custom Plugs we have a great selection of 6mm gauges, which are also known as a 2g stretch size. 

If you want to add a new 6mm ear gauge to your collection we’ve got a constantly evolving product range that we update regularly with new designs, ideas, materials, shapes and colours for a 6mm piercing gauge, so keep an eye on what we have coming up on our 2g plugs page

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We stock the widest range of 6mm gague plugs, 6mm tunnels, and 6mm ear plugs right now, and as this size has always been a popular choice, there are a lot of our designs available. Current customer favourites from the collection from our customers include the simple and sleek Black Silicone Tunnel which is comfortable to sleep in, play sports, and wear for everyday use. 

But we also have plenty of more unique and interesting designs like our glass opalite plug. Our glass opal gauges are made from polished and smoothed opalite, giving them an ethereal glow. Opalite plugs are a great choice because they go with absolutely everything and they are surprisingly comfortable. 

To view our entire collection, check out the 2g gauges section on our website. 

What size is 6mm piercing gauges?


The 6mm gauge is also referred to as size 2g, but we also stock a lot of other sized plugs and tunnels from the smallest 1 mm (18 gauge) all the way to 100 mm (4") ones. 

Don’t worry if you’re relatively new or confused about plug sizes or don’t really understand what 6mm ear stretch means. We have a handy ear stretching sizes chart you can use on our website.

2g plugs (or 6mm) are also a safer size if you’re planning to reverse your stretch and allow them to shrink in the future. Of course all ears are different, but most people are able to shrink their lobes back from 2g 6mm. 

What materials, shapes and colours do 6mm gauge come in?


From soft silicone to glass and metal 6mm gauge earrings, you will have plenty to choose from. We sell 6mm metal gauges, 6mm acrylic gauges, 6mm silicone gauges and 6mm glass gauges. In our collection you can find colours like gold, silver, bronze and brass as well as natural precious and semi-precious stone like rose quartz, amethyst and diamond

Our silicone 6 mm plugs are extra comfortable and easy to insert, as they are fairly thin and flexible. And our metal 2g gauges are an essential addition to any collection. Suitable for everyday use, these lightweight classic tunnels and plugs will fit any style or look. Among our metal collection, dangle plugs are exceptionally popular, combining the best of both worlds – tunnels and earrings. 

Colours, patterns, designs, and shimmers – this is our acrylic collection of 2g plugs and tunnels. From sleek black plugs to pink glitter tunnels and anything in between, if you want to get noticed the acrylic collection should be on top of your list. 

Glass 6mm ear plugs and tunnels will also have a special place in your collection, because it makes some of the most unique effects that make them perfect for special occasions, much like our precious and semi-precious stone 6mm plugs

Stones like onyx, for example, are thought to protect the wearer against evil, and negative spirits. Whilst rose quartz symbolises unconditional love and promotes inner healing and deep feelings of peace. These organic 6mm plugs and tunnels have a gorgeous smooth finish and a beautiful shine. 

We also sell 6mm (2g) gauges in various shapes including the more traditional circular plugs. But we also have weird and wonderful shapes including squares, triangles, hearts, and even our new coffin shaped gauges. 

View our full collections to see our full range of colours, materials, and shapes.

Have questions about our 6mm gauges?

If you have any questions about our 6mm gagues or want to see another design, get in touch and we’ll get back to you in a day or two.