Single Flare Plugs, Gauges & Tunnels

What Are Single Flare Plugs?

A single flare plug has only one side flared. The flared side is worn on the outer side of the stretched earlobe. The flare makes the plug more visually striking and appear bigger than it is. The other end has no flare, which makes it easier to insert the plug. They’re usually secured with a o ring to prevent the plug falling off.

Are Double Flared Plugs Bad?

Since both ends are flared, one of the ends has to be inserted at an angle which can be tricky. That is why you should only wear the double flare plug when the piercing has been stretched to a comfortable level. If you do not do that, the chances are that the lip can end up damaging or tearing the piercing.

Do Single Flare Plugs Fall Out?

Flared, in this context, means having an edge. If what you have in a piercing has no edge, the chances are that it could fall out, but only if you have a loose-fitting one or are moving too much. With single flare plugs, you minimise how much the piece of jewellery could fall and the non flared side is usually secured with an o-ring.