Watching Eye Plug / Gauge - Teardrop Saba Wood | Flat Faced Double Flare

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Flat Faced‚ Doubleflared Saba Wood Plugs featuring our laser engraved “The Watcher" design.

These organic plugs have a‚ flat front and back.

Every laser etched wood plug is made by our master craftsmen/woodworking experts before being engraved in-house at Custom Plugs HQ.‚ We pride ourselves on crisp, clear lasered designs to help you stand out from the crowd.‚ 

Please Note:

This design is also available on different materials and plug bases, please‚ select from the options provided to find a product that best suits your needs.

We sell plugs individually (not as pairs), If you require a pair please select the pair option.‚ This will display as your chosen size x 2 in the basket/cart.

Unsure on which size teardrops to get? It's easy! Just order your size as normal and we will send out some beautiful teardrops that fit your ears.‚ 

About Our Wood

Wooden plugs are known for being lightweight, comfy and naturally reduce odour and ear gunk.‚ We recommend you only wear organic products in fully healed stretched ears.

Part of the beauty in natural products is they are all unique, we ask that you please allow for the following:

Slight imperfections, minor marks and slight colour variations.‚ The wood colour may vary from the displayed image due to the unique nature of the wood grain. However, if you order a pair, we will match up plugs as best as possible.

We thoughtfully source all our real wood from sustainable sources and we can make hundreds of plugs from one piece of wood.‚ Take comfort in the fact we hand-select the finest raw materials to make our wooden plugs, so you get high-quality products as standard.

Don't forget to tag us in a photo of you wearing your products.

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Organic wood plug

Available up to 50mm

We ship worldwide

Sold individually


Size Weight Wearable Area - Approx
14mm - 9/16" 2.0g 9mm
15mm - 19/32" 2.0g
16mm - 5/8" 3.0g 10mm
18mm - 11/16" 3.0g 9.5mm
20mm - 13/16" 4.0g 9mm
22mm - 7/8" 4.0g 9.5mm
24mm - 15/16" 4.0g 9.5mm
26mm - 1.024" 6.0g 9.5mm
27mm - 1.06" 8.0g
28mm - 1.10" 8.0g 9.5mm
29mm - 1 1/8" 9.0g
30mm - 1.18" 9.0g 9mm
31mm - 1.22" 9.0g
32mm - 1 1/4" 10.0g 14mm
34mm - 1 5/16" 12.0g 10mm
36mm - 1 7/16" 13.0g 8.5mm
38mm - 1 1/2" 14.0g 10mm
40mm - 1 9/16" 16.0g 10.5mm
42mm - 1 5/8" 18.0g 10mm
44mm - 1 3/4" 20.0g 10mm
46mm - 1 13/16" 2.0g
48mm - 1 7/8" 25.0g 10mm
50mm - 2" 23.0g 11mm

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This is also dependent on chosen delivery method.

UK - 2-5 working days

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United States - 8-10 working days

Rest Of Europe - 7-11 working days

Rest Of World - 11-19 working days

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