Tunnel Earrings

The tunnel earrings range - everything from our Plugs collection with a hole in it!

Tunnel Earrings

Tunnel earrings are basically hollowed out plugs for ears. People also call them flesh tunnels, flesh tunnel earrings, or eyelets and they are a popular pick because they weigh less than normal full plugs and look fantastic.

The tunnel earrings collection

Here at customplugs.com, you’ll find a large selection of tunnel earrings with a range of different styles and designs including men's tunnel earrings, many of which that can be customised for special occasions. As well as women’s tunnel earrings like our lightweight rose gold tunnels which are simple but make a statement or our other options with more feminine designs. You’ll easily find your perfect flesh tunnels to wear!

Our tunnels come in double-flared, single-flared, and screwback depending on the fixing that you’re looking for. This is perfect for creating unique effects even with the same size, shape, and material!

We also stock a wide selection of faux tunnel earrings and plugs which have the same fixing as a traditional earring for those who would like to try the style without committing to stretching their ears first.

What sizes/gauges do our tunnel earrings come in?

Tunnel earrings can come in pretty much every size you stretch to, and we stock all common sizes, from smallest to largest. The easiest way to remember how sizing works with tunnels is to know the smaller the gauge number, the bigger the tunnel. For example, double zero gauge (00g) is the largest gauge before it converts to inches and mm.

We have most tunnel earrings sizes in stock, from small tunnel earrings to the largest sizes including: 6g, 14g, 12g, 10g, 8g, 6g, 4g, 2g, 1g, 0g, 00g, 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 28mm, 29mm, 30mm, 32mm, 34mm, 36mm, 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, 44mm, 46mm, 47mm, 48mm, 50mm, 0 gauge plugs, and 2 gauge plugs.

For additional information on wearable depths, and to easily convert your tunnel earring sizes, check out our plug and tunnel sizing chart.

What materials do our tunnel earrings come in?

Our flesh tunnel earrings are made from approved body-safe jewelry materials and include stainless steel and precious metals, wood, silicone, acrylic, glass, stone, and synthetic stone.

Some materials are heavier, such as the steel, stone, and metal tunnel earrings, while others, like glass and silicone, are much lighter on the ears.

Which material you choose depends on where you are in the ear stretching process – you can wear any plugs and flesh tunnels material if your stretched ears are fully healed. But, if you’re in the process of stretching them out and they are still healing, you should avoid wood, stone, and acrylic because they are porous, as well as silicone because while comfortable, dust and pollen stick to it much easier than other materials making them prone to bacteria and promoting infections.

Got a question about our tunnel earrings?

Have a question on tunnel earrings? Get in touch and we’ll get back to you in a day or two!

What is a tunnel earring?

Tunnels are hollowed out cylinders of various diameters that fit into stretched earlobes and there are several types, depending on how you fit them. They are basically plugs with holes in them.

How do you put in tunnel earrings?

After you have taken a warm shower put some Jojoba Oil onto the ear lobe and gently massage it in. Then put a small amount of oil on the flesh tunnel and press it into the hole at an angle, like you would with a button. You should only try to insert a flesh tunnel you have stretched up to the size with a taper. If there is pain or resistance stop & wait. If you're stretching up a size then wait a couple of weeks before using the right size taper to stretch again.

What size comes after 00g?

00g - or "double zero gauge" is the last gauge size. The next size up is measured in mm or fractions of an inch. The next size would be 11mm / 7/16" See here for a complete guide to ear gauge sizes.

When can I take my tunnel earrings out to clean?

You should be able to take your tunnel earrings out any time to clean, assuming you stretched your ears properly without any problems or discomfort.