Poképlugs Promotion

Pokemon Plugs gotta catch em allT & C’s

Poképlugs: 19th February - 3rd March 2024

-Only ebony wood poképlug inlay designs are eligible for shiny plugs (excluding Ho-oh, Lugia, Team Rocket & Pokeball designs)

- You will be eligible for poképlugs whether your order pairs or singles. Any poképlug ordered on saba wood, black glass or clear glass will not be eligible for shiny plugs.

-Shiny Pokémon orders are picked at random when the order is being processed. 

-If you are the lucky recipient of shiny plugs you will receive them in addition to the plugs you ordered in the same size as the plugs you ordered.

-You won’t receive any indication that you have won shiny plugs until your order has arrived. 

-Good luck on your adventure trainer!