Plugs for Ears

Plugs for Ears - Ear Stretching Plugs, Tunnels, & Gauges

Plugs for ears are types of body jewelry, sometimes known as tunnels and gauges which fill the gap of stretched ears. Body modifications like stretching your ears let you experiment and express yourself and is a tradition that has been around for centuries across different cultures.

If you want to choose from one of the largest selections of plugs, gauges and tunnels for ears you’ve come to the right place!

Plugs for Ears

Here at Custom Plugs we pride ourselves on the wide range of plugs for ears we offer. Different designs, materials, shapes, and sizes allow you to adapt your piercing to your style and mood! We also offer customized galss plug/customized wood plug options that make for unique gifts and interesting end pieces.

Whether you want plugs, tunnels, or even teardrop shaped plugs we are one of the best places to shop with and have probably the widest range of plugs on the planet.

Plugs for Ears In Many Shapes

A part of the variety that we offer is the different shaped plugs we have. It’s not just the traditional circular plugs and tunnels that we offer because we understand what it feels like to want to stand out and try something new. Pushing past the boundaries of traditional we have choices such as teardrop and curved which inspire a totally different look.

You can also choose between flat flare plugs and tophat plugs depending on what you’re comfortable wearing.

If you like the look of stretched ears but aren’t ready to commit to the process we do also have fake plugs available in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes too. These ‘plugs fit into a standard ear piercing without any stretch but the front and back are enlarged to give this appearance. Perfect for anyone who wants to ‘try before they buy’ with ear stretching.

Plugs for Ears In Every Material

There are also a plethora of materials to choose from which both caters to what you’re most comfortable wearing and offers a vastly different appearances even across similar designs. These are just a few of the materials that we offer that you can choose from while you shop around;

  • Wood,
  • Stone,
  • Glass,
  • Metal,
  • Silicone,
  • Acrylic, and;
  • Many other options

The glass plugs and wood plugs are some of the options you have when you want to take advantage of the customized jewelry that we sell. These will give your style a personalized edge and let you collect some rather memorable and sentimental jewelry. They are perfect gifts!

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Here at Custom Plugs, we are all about giving you plenty of options when you need cool gauges for ears in a variety of styles, designs, and materials. So, whether you want something new off the shelf, or to customize a gift for someone you love, stop by our store and find the perfect fit for you!

Why Are Silicone Plugs Bad For Your Ears?

Professionals say that silicone stands out as a popular choice because they are comfortable, inexpensive, and lightweight. However, silicone has a problem since it is bacteria-friendly and can lead to infections and blowouts especially if used to stretch, something we are keen to avoid.

Are Wooden Plugs Good For Your Ears?

Wood is not an appropriate ear stretching material. You should only try them when your ear is fully healed and is not in danger of being infected or aggravated into flaring up.

Are Teardrop Plugs Bad For Your Ears?

As long as the teardrop plug is not too heavy, you can wear them for a limited duration to avoid stretching the ear into a lopsided shape. Alternate between circular shaped plugs and teardrops to ensure the shape doesn’t get affected.

Are Shaped Ear Plugs Safe?

The answer depends on two things; Is the size comfortable, and are your ears healed? If you answered yes to both queries, you can wear plugs that are not round, wear for short amounts of time and alternate between circular plugs. A good rule is to purchase a size down when buying different shaped plugs such as coffin plugs.

What Are Saddle Plugs For?

Saddle spreader plugs are designed to distribute the weight of heavy jewellery, so they are more comfortable to wear. It is also a great alternative look to the regular tunnels you will see most people go with.