8 Gauge Plugs & Tunnels (8g Plugs/3mm)

8g gauges, 3mm Plugs and Tunnels

If you have 3mm stretched ears you may already have some experience at selecting tunnels, plugs, and gauges for your ears. Here at Custom Plugs we have a range of high quality 8 gauge ear plugs in a range of unique styles, designs, shapes and colours so you can easily find one to represent your flair. 

If you are switching out your current 8g ear tunnels for a new colour, or moving up to an 8 gauge tunnel size, Custom Plugs can be on hand to help you find the perfect match.

3mm plugs - Shop the collection of 3mm gauges and plugs

Here at Custom Plugs we stock a wide range of 8g tunnels, tapers, and plugs in a variety of materials. Whether you are looking for wooden, stone and silicone material our unique designs cater for everyone. 

Ear tunnels are great for those looking to slowly increase the size of their ear stretching safely. 

What size are 8 gauge plugs (8g)?

The key to remember is that the larger the size of your stretched ears, the smaller the gauge number. When you run out of gauge numbers you start using solely mm and Inches.

8g plugs are equivalent to a 3mm plug or 1/8”. All plugs on our website have sizing filters on them so you can find the perfect fit for you. If you need further help finding which plug size is right for you, check out our ear stretching size chart here.

If you are relatively new to ear stretching and don’t have 8g tapers yet, you should work your way up the ear stretching size system slowly to avoid damaging your ears. If you need guidance on stretching safely, be sure to take a look at our stretching kits and ear tapers as well.

What materials, shapes, and colours do 8g gauges come in?

Our range of 8g gauges or 3mm plugs come in a variety of types. We currently have available silicone, stone, acrylic, glass and wood which are comfortable to wear and can be cleaned easily. 

Our collection of 8g ear jewellery also comes in a variety of colours and shapes for you to express yourself. Just some of our shapes include round, tear drop, square, triangular, heart, coffin and more! If you are after a size bigger or smaller than the 3mm plugs we sometimes offer the same design in a variety of sizes.

Have a question on 3mm gauges?

If you have any questions regarding our range 8 gauge plugs, get in contact with us today and let us help find the right plugs, tunnels or tapers for your ears!

Are 8g Tunnels Safe to Use?

8g gauges/8g tunnels are safe to use. However, they are only safe if you follow the proper expansion techniques from the beginning and keep your jewelry hygienic while at it. If you wear 8 gauge tunnels that are too large for your earlobe, they can cause damage to your earlobe.

You can find help for correct stretching with our ear stretching guide here.

What Is the Size of 8g Gauge Plugs?

The size of an 8g gauge is the same as the 3mm gauges, or 1/8". We also have this handy ear gauge size conversion guide here.

How do I know my Gauge Size?

We recommend seeking assistance from a piercing expert for this information. However if you are looking to measure yourself at home, there are three easy ways to do it: Using a gauge wheel purchased online which is cut out with holes that correspond to the sizes. A calliper found in hardware stores to measure the size of the jewellery that fits your ear snugly already. A ruler or measuring tape which is normally less reliable on sizing.

How Long Does It Take to Stretch Your Ears for an 8g Gauge?

It can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to stretch up from the previous size (10g), depending on your body.

Do You Have to Stretch Your Ears to Wear 3mm Plugs?

Yes. Plugs are a type of ear stretching jewellery inserted into the hole in your earlobe that is created by stretching your piercings using 8g tapers.