Ear Tapers

Ear Tapers

If you want to stretch your ears at home, you’re going to need ear tapers. Usually, this kind of body modification is done by a professional in a piercing studio, and we advise you to start there. But, once you’re done with the first few stretches, you can continue stretching your ears at home by using an ear taper kit.

A taper kit will have ear tapers in several sizes, as well as “O” rings to fix them in your ears. The main difference between tapers and plugs is that ear tapers are technically just tools and not body jewelry, but this doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with a bland design.  We have a wide selection of unique taper kits.

What are ear tapers?

Ear tapers are tools, shaped like very elongated cones. You use them to get to the desired gauge size by stretching out your pierced ears. And you must do it very slowly.

Always start with the smallest taper from your ear taper kit, and gradually progress to larger sizes. Ear tapers can come as standalone tapers or ear taper kits that have multiple sizes. The sizing is marked in gauges (g) and the bigger the g number, the smaller the ear taper will be.

At Custom Plugs, you’ll find ear tapers in the following sizes:

  • 1.2 mm or 16g
  • 1.5 mm or 14g
  • 2 mm or 12g
  • 2.5 mm or 12g
  • 3 mm or 8g
  • 4 mm or 6g
  • 5 mm or 4g
  • 6 mm or 2g
  • 7 mm or 1g
  • 8 mm or 0g
  • 10 mm or 00g

When stretching your ears at home, it is incredibly important to be patient with it. Skipping gauge sizes is not advised because it’s not just going to leave you in pain and discomfort but can cause serious injury and lasting damage to your lobes. The most common type of injury caused by rushing ear stretching is a blowout, where so much scar tissue forms that your ears are unable to go back to its original size anymore.

Shop our range of ear tapers

At customplugs.com we have a large selection of ear tapers in a huge selection of sizes, styles and materials so that you can get the right stretch and look good doing it.

Ear stretching is a long process so if you’re not feeling like wearing temporary plugs or tunnels you don’t have to. Simply take a break and wear one of our spiral tapers, they give a great effect and don’t look like you’re in the middle of the stretching process.

What materials do our ear tapers come in?

We have surgical steel, synthetic stone, glass, and acrylic tapers as standalone options or part of a taper kit, with the majority being acrylic tapers. Other materials we use for plugs and tunnels, such as silicone, are too soft to be used as tapers, and it’s important that you don’t use silicone for stretching your ears because it can be prone to bacterial build-up and infections.

The materials we choose to use instead are hypoallergenic, easy to take care of, and keep clean.and are not well suited to freshly stretched ears.

Got a question about our ear tapers?

Not sure whether you should buy an ear taper kit or just one ear taper? Drop us a message with any questions about ear tapers and plugs, and we’ll get back with answers within a day or two!