Stone Ear Weights

Stone Ear Weights Collection

Find the perfect stone ear weights for your stretched ears, available in various sizes, styles and precious stones. Here at Custom Plugs we provide a variety of ear weights and ear hooks that can compliment your style, whether you are looking for Rose Quartz ear weights, Opalite ear weights or simple clear Quartz ear weights.

One of our most popular stone types include Rose Quartz for its ability to boost feelings of self care and encourage unconditional love. Our customers love stone ear weights for their 100% natural materials and easy clean nature. 

Stone Ear Weights And Crystal Ear Weights - 100% Natural

We stock a wide range of stone ear weights and crystal ear weights for you to choose from. Crafted from the highest quality semi precious stone, we make sure each piece is the perfect fit for your stretched lobes.

With stretching becoming more popular, stand out from the crowd with unique stone ear weights. Available in different styles; hook with crystal weights and pincer, circular or oval keyhole weights, each offering you a way to match your aesthetic.

What Type of Stone And Crystal Are Ear Weights Made From?

-Rose Quartz: a polished and smooth pink stone ear weight believed to represent unconditional love and inner healing by allowing the heart to open on all levels. It is said to help one forgive and promote deep feelings of peace and soothing energy, encouraging a sense of calm.

-Black Onyx: high quality polished and smoothed black Onyx stone ear weights, said to help calm fears and bad habits making them easier to overcome. Believed to purify toxicity and bring inner strength, protecting the wearer against evil and negative spirits.

-Amethyst: a stunning option for any stone ear weights collector, believed to encourage a sense of calm. This stone crystal can have many tones to choose from including lilac, lavender and hazy pink. At Custom Plugs we currently have different Amethyst options whether you’re looking for perfectly polished or rough edged crystal stone ear weights.

-Opalite Glass: a great option for those looking for white, or glass style ear weights. Opalite ear weights are said to improve communication on all levels including spiritually, by removing energy blockages of the chakras. Also said to help clear the mind by reducing fatigue and increasing energy. 

-Green Agate: said to increase compassion, generosity and a keen sense of justice by improving decision-making and resolving disputes. Generally, Agate stone ear weights have a calming, grounding effect by cleansing the aura and balancing yin and yang energies. 

What Styles Do Stone Ear Weights Come In?

Here at Custom Plugs stone ear weights are available in different wearable styles. Whether you are looking for hooks with crystal weights, pincer ear weights or circular and oval keyhole weights we have it all, each hand selected to ensure the best semi-precious stone. 

-Hooks with crystal weights: a great option for those who want the focus to be on the crystal stone as it hangs off the hook free to move. The hook of the stone ear weight can be made out of a variety of metals that are safe on skin, whether you choose gold or brass to elevate your look.

-Pincer keyhole ear weights: a stone ear weight which slides into the stretched lobe and hangs upside down in the shape of a pincer.

-Circular or oval keyhole ear weights: similar to the pincer, a circular or oval keyhole stone ear weight slides into the ear, pulling the stretched lobe downwards.

What Size Stone Ear Weights Are Available at Custom Plugs?

Our stone ear weights are available in a range of sizes. Unlike our gauges, plugs or tunnels, stone ear weights have grouped size options that cater to more than one specific size.

For example:

Small is recommended for anyone who wears 6mm to 12mm ear stretchers.

Medium is recommended for anyone who wears 14mm to 22mm ear stretchers.

Large is recommended for anyone who wears 24mm and upwards ear stretchers.

Please note; sizing can vary for each individual stone ear weight. Please check the products information for correct sizing, or alternatively check out our ear gauge size guide for more detail.

How do I clean my natural stone ear weights?

Whilst stone and crystal are tough materials, it is always important to be gentle when cleaning your stone ear weights. Use a soft cloth, water and mild soap to clean before and after using. Please avoid using chemicals as this could possibly discolour the natural stone.

Are Stone Ear Weights Safe Against Skin?

Yes, our stone ear weights are safe against stretched ear lobes as they are made out of 100% natural materials that can be easily cleaned. All of our stone ear weights are durable and made to last so you can wear them again and again without discolouring or breaking.

How do you insert Stone Ear Weights?

Just like Custom Plugs ear gauges, plugs or tunnels, stone ear weights need to be safely and slowly inserted. We recommend using argan or jojoba oil on your earlobe and the stone ear weight to easily slide them into place. There should be no discomfort. If you are still unsure you can find more information in our guide to ear stretching.

What is the difference between stone ear weight hook styles?

The main difference between the stone ear weight hook styles is the appearance when worn. All stone ear weights pull the stretched ear lobe downwards and hang freely compared to ear plugs or tunnels that sit within the lobe. We have a variety of hook styles at Custom Plugs including hooks with crystal weights, pincer, circular and oval keyhole weights which offer you a variety of ways to match your style.