The Cute Collection - Cute Ear Gauges, Plugs & Tunnels for Stretched Ears

Accessories such as earrings, body jewellery, plugs/gauges & tunnels are often used not just as fashion, but also as a way to express the wearer's feelings. For that reason, different products are created to cater to different senses of fashion, expression and emotions, including happiness, contentment, and sadness.

Some accessories are also worn because they look cute and welcoming. Here are some of the cutest ear gauges, plugs and tunnels we offer our clients at Custom Plugs.

Cute Peony Plug / Gauge - Clear Glass | Flat-Faced Double Flare

The Peony plug features a laser engraved design that’s part of our production of bespoke pieces. Each glass plug or gauge produced is engraved in-house to provide a clear layered ear piece that will stand out.  

Our Peony cute gauges and plugs feature a flat front and flat back. The glass-made gauges are not only smooth but also durable and easy to wear.

Glass is known to be inert, reducing the chances of a reaction. This makes the Peony plug an ideal buy for people with sensitive skin. Remember that you can order the same design in different materials at Custom Plugs. Please ensure you choose correctly between the single plug and pair of plugs options on our page.

These plugs boast a double flare design and are available in sizes up to 50mm at an affordable price.

Cute Heart-Shaped Silver Steel Double Flared Tunnel / Plug / Gauge

Are you tired of the traditional circular or teardrop tunnel and gauge? Then the heart-shaped silver steel double flared tunnel is for you. You can pick these cute ear plugs and tunnels at our online shop today.

You could also choose the gold color tunnel to match your outfits or emotions. Apart from different colors, these products also come in sizes up to 25mm.

Cute Wooden Cat Faux Plug / Gauge

At Custom Plugs, we appreciate inclusivity, and therefore, we wouldn't want to leave out clients that need cute small gauges and plugs without necessarily stretching their earlobes.

With our wooden cat illusion plug, you can achieve the look which has a standard pin in the middle and 10mm wide wooden blocks at either end. The front is fixed while the back end features a screw fit design to hold the faux plug together.

This product requires the wearer to have a 1.6mm piercing and can be sold as a pair or individually.

Do wooden ear plugs last?

Wooden plugs tend to dry out. Use a microfiber cloth to remove dust and debris and massage the plug using jojoba oil to prevent this. This helps prevent drying or cracking. However, please don’t soak the wooden plugs in oil because they swell.

Can I get a cute plug or tunnel custom-made at Custom Plugs?

Yes. We have a wide range of plugs which can be personalised - view personalised plugs & gauges.

Are heart-shaped plugs safe to wear?

It is okay if your ears are fully healed and you have the correct size. However, please do not wear them for extended periods to avoid developing pressure points in your earlobes where the shape is not regular enough.