O rings for Ear Gauges

Replacement O Rings for Ear Gauges

Always losing the O rings for your ear gauges? Get replacement O rings in a black or clear colour with Custom Plugs.

If you need a spare or have lost your O rings then look no further, here at Custom Plugs we are dedicated to providing users with the highest quality body jewellery, plugs, tunnels and gauges. 

Designed to hold single flare plugs in place, O rings can easily become lost due to their small size. Whether you're upgrading your O rings when ear stretching or want to change the colour of the O rings to match your plugs, choose from our black or clear O rings. 

Made with medical grade silicone, our O rings plugs are safe against skin and can easily be cleaned when needed. Please note; our O rings are sold individually. 

If you are looking for new gauges to match, take a look at our best selling ear gauges here. 

O rings - Shop Our Collection of O-rings

We stock two popular colours of O-rings for ear gauges. Choose from sizes 2mm - 30mm to suit your O-ring ear stretching needs! Made from 100% safe materials for skin contact and easy cleaning. 

Perfect for replacing lost O-rings, or sizing up or down due to O-ring ear stretching with plugs, tunnels or gauges. A secure and durable way of holding your body jewellery in place which is also comfortable for prolonged wear. 

Questions about our O-rings for ear gauges?

Get in touch with our helpful team here at Custom Plugs, who can assist with any question you may have on O-rings, as well as any of our gauges, tunnels or plugs.

What Size O-ring is right for me?

When choosing an O-ring you first need to have in mind the size of gauge you will be using. Just like the sizes of ear gauges, O rings when ear stretching can also come in many different sizes. The current size of O rings we have available range from 2mm - 30mm and should fit over your ear gauge to hold it securely in place when wearing.

You can find the ear gauge size conversion chart here.

What Material is an O-ring?

O-rings for ear gauges should always be made from medically safe materials or be hypo-allegenic since they will be used against flesh piercings. Our O-rings are made with medically safe silicone that is easy to clean.

What Colour O-ring Should I Choose?

O-rings can come in different colours to match your ear gauge, tunnel or plug. The most used colours are black or clear. There is no difference between these colours, both are made from the same high quality silicone and are made for the same use as O-rings for ear gauges. Users tend to match the colour of their O-rings plugs to their ear gauge to hide it.