Hanging Ear Gauges Collection

Find your ultimate hanging ear gauges for stretched ears, available in a variety of sizes, styles and materials. We provide a large range of hanging ear gauges, ear weights and ear hooks that can complement your style, whether you are wanting to switch up a size or simply change colours and design.

Just some of our most popular hanging earring gauges include our metal ear tunnels with dangle features, and hanging gauge earrings with crystal features. All of our hanging earrings for stretched ears are easy to clean and safe against skin.

Hanging Plugs Earrings for Stretched Ears - Custom Plugs

Our wide range of hanging earrings for gauged ears are crafted from the highest quality materials - so each piece is perfect for stretched lobes. If you want the dangle earring look but have stretched plugs in place, switch them out for hanging ear plugs and tunnels. You will still be able to have the dangle effect and not have to reverse the stretching process. 

If you don't fancy a circular tunnel with hanging features, you can always choose to wear ear weights or ear hooks, which also count as hanging earrings for stretched ears.

What Can Hanging Ear Gauges Be Made From?

-Metal: a popular option, metal hanging ear gauges in silver are versatile and offer a large range of different hanging features, from feathers to leaves, stars to swords.

-Wood: if you are looking for a unique hanging ear gauge, then our wood and glass ear weights could be for you!

-Stone Features: some of our hanging gauge earrings feature semi-precious stones such as amethyst which add a pop of colour and flare to your stretched ears. 

What Styles Do Hanging Earrings for Stretched Ears Come In?

Our Custom Plugs hanging earrings for stretched ears feature different styles. From round ear tunnels with dangle features, to ear hooks with crystals.

-Circular tunnels with dangle features: a classic for those who want to wear tunnels, but with some extra flair.

-Hooks with crystal weights: great for those who want the focus to be on the stone as it dangles off the hook. The actual hook of the ear weight can be made out of a variety of metals such as gold or brass.

What Size Hanging Ear Gauges Are Available at Custom Plugs?

All of our hanging ear gauges are available in a range of sizes. Please note our tunnels with hanging details have individual sizes, whereas our ear weights have grouped size options that cater to more than one specific size.

Please note; sizing can vary for individual hanging ear gauges. Please check the products information for correct sizing, or alternatively check out our ear gauge size guide for more detail.

How do I clean my hanging gauge earrings?

It is always important to gently clean hanging gauge earrings and ear weights. Use a soft cloth, water and mild soap to clean before and after using. Please avoid using chemicals that could damage metals, details or semi-precious stones used.

Are Metal Hanging Gauge Earrings Safe Against Skin?

Yes, all of our hanging ear gauges are safe in stretched ear lobes as they are made out of high quality materials that can be easily cleaned. All of our products are durable and made to last.

How do you insert Tunnel Hanging Gauge Earrings?

Just like all of our Custom Plugs ear gauges, hanging gauge earrings need to be slowly inserted. We recommend using argan or jojoba oil on your earlobe and the earring to easily slide into place. There should be no discomfort.

What is the difference between tunnels with hanging features and ear weights?

The main difference between the two styles is that tunnels will often be circular and hollow and will sit inside the lobe. The dangle feature is attached to the tunnel and will hang from the front of your ear. Ear weights on the other hand, feature a hook inserted into the stretched lobe. This pulls the stretched ear lobe downwards with the dangle feature hanging freely.