Flesh Tunnels

Flesh Tunnels

Flesh tunnels are cylindrical pieces of jewelry used on stretched skin. Modern body modifications still include flesh tunnel ear piercings, the most common of which being the ear lobe. However, there are many parts of the body that can be safely stretched. The cheek and lip are also popular areas to be modified and use a flesh tunnel in.

Contrary to what some sources say, stretching is completely safe when performed in a clean environment, and when the stretched skin is allowed time to heal between stretches. Gradual stretching is vital to prevent injuries such as blowouts, which is a term used to refer to damage done to the sensitive stretched skin. All of our stretching kits and plugs are completely safe to use.

Flesh Tunnel Products

We sell a wide range of flesh tunnel products in several high-grade materials such as silicon flesh tunnels, wooden flesh tunnels, and gold flesh tunnels. In fact, we are one of the leading sellers for flesh tunnel piercings in the world.

As a leading store, our custom-made tunnels (also known as piercing tunnels) come in a range of sizes and styles for you to express yourself.

We also offer other products including plugs, tapers, fake plugs and gauges, and ear stretching kits if you’re just starting out.

When stretching your skin, it can be hard to find body jewelry that suits your style and personality, which is why we wanted to do something different. We’re here for every step of the process with body-safe jewelry that fits your needs perfectly.

What sizes are flesh tunnel products available in?

Our flesh tunnels come in many sizes/gauges. Most commonly, we sell tunnels in the following:

  • 16mm flesh tunnel
  • 3mm flesh tunnel
  • 12mm flesh tunnel
  • 6mm flesh tunnels
  • 5mm flesh tunnel
  • 10mm flesh tunnel
  • 4mm flesh tunnel
  • 8mm flesh tunnels

Not sure if stretching is for you? Also available in our shop are “fake” gauges, if you aren’t sure yet and want to try it out first. We also offer a variety of custom-made plug types and styles for fake gauges if you want to experiment!

What materials are flesh tunnel products available in?

All of our flesh tunnels are made with body-safe materials and we pride ourselves on only using materials that will last long-term.

Currently, our flesh tunnels are available in wood, silicon, metal, and gold and can be used not just on the ears but in other parts of the body that is suitable for stretching.

Note: it’s very important to test your skin if you’re using a new material for the first time, before using a flesh tunnel in a new material. Sometimes people can have adverse reactions so it’s important to do a skin test of the material before committing.

Got a question about our flesh tunnels?

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How do flesh tunnels work?

Flesh tunnels are pieces of body jewellery typically inserted into the flesh of the ear.  However they can also be inserted into other parts of the body.  The ear or flesh piercing is slowly stretched over time allowing plugs or flesh tunnels to be inserted.


What is a flesh tunnel ear piercing?

A flesh tunnel ear piercing is a popular form of body modification.  The ear is stretched slowly from a standard piercing to allow tunnels or plugs to be inserted into the hole.

How do you insert a flesh tunnel?

After you have taken a warm shower put some Jojoba Oil onto the ear lobe and gently massage it in. Then put a small amount of oil on the flesh tunnel and press it into the hole at an angle, like you would with a button. 

You should only try to insert a flesh tunnel you have stretched up to the size with a taper.  If there is pain or resistance stop & wait. If you're stretching up a size then wait a couple of weeks before using the right size taper to stretch again.