Ear Gauge Kits

Shop our collection of ear gauge kits - stretch your ears with tapers & spirals.

Ear Gauge Kits

Ear stretching is one of the oldest body modifications, and people have stretched their ears in a number of ways throughout history (without using ear gauge kits.) Instead they mostly used what they could find around them – from bones and wood, and later using materials like gold, jade, and other metals to make traditional ear plugs and tunnels. 

Today, it’s much easier to gauge your ears to wear tunnels and plugs. You can easily start stretching your ears even at home with our ear gauge starter kits starting from 1.6mm (14g) in size which is the smallest starter size to stretch to. 

Our Ear Gauge Kits

If you love the look of stretched ears, it’s important to do it properly to get the result you want, which is why we stock everything from an ear stretching starter kit to larger gauge stretching kit options. 

If you don’t need a whole ear stretching kit, you can also buy individual ear gauge tapers in the specific size that you need. 

For those that wish to stretch their ears on their own, however, it’s better value to buy a full ear stretching kit with all the sizes you'll need. 

What sizes do our ear gauge kits come in?

You’ll find all common taper sizes in our store. The sizes span between 1.6mm (14g) all the way to 20mm in diameter, with all the common sizes that are in between. This includes all the popular sizes, such as 00g, 0g, 14g, and 10g. 

Our ear stretching starter kit has everything you need to stretch your ears when you start from a standard piercing: tapers, “O” rings, although you'll probably want to buy some jojoba oil for ear stretching too.

What materials do our ear gauge kits come in?

You’ll find we have an ear stretching kits available in glass and acrylic. During stretching, it’s very important that you choose materials that are good for healing ears, since each new stretch starts a healing process. 

Glass is a material that's super friendly for stretching since it's non-porous, which is important to ensure your earlobes are healing well and aren’t prone to infection. 

A stainless steel stretching kit is also a great option, as steel is a great non-reactive material too, but can be quite heavy to start off with. 

What shapes and colours do our ear gauge kits come in?

Our ear gauge kits come in the form of tapers and spirals. Tapers are elongated cones, with the wider end being the desired diameter or gauge. 

While they can be worn and stay in place with the help of an “O” ring,  it’s better to use them for stretching only and wear spirals instead. Spirals are a great option when you are getting used to the new stretch size or when you need to give your earlobes a bit more time to adjust. 

You’ll find our ear tapers in a variety of colours – from single colour options to fun prints. Just because you’re stretching your ears doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself too!    

Got a question about our ear gauge kits?

Have a question about an ear gauge stretching kit? Not sure which gauge stretching kit you need? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you in a day or two. 

What gauge should I start stretching my ears?

A piercer can dermal punch to skip some of the smaller sizes. However, this is bad as you lose some skin/earlobe. This can make your stretched ear thinner. If a piercer has a larger needle than a 1.6mm then this is fine to use in most circumstances.

What kind of gauges are best for your ears?

During stretching, it’s very important that you choose materials that are good for healing ears, since each new stretch starts a healing process. Glass is an excellent material to use. You can change materials once your ear has healed.

Can I use Vaseline for ear stretching?

Vaseline is not a good lube for ear stretching and should be avoided.

What oil is best for stretched ears?

Jojoba oil is great for use on stretched ears but there are several other oils that work well too eg vitamin E oil, Bio oil and olive oil.