Body Piercing

Body Piercing

Body piercing is a popular tradition that has been practised for thousands of years, but you may have seen someone with a body piercing and had some questions. Piercings can be done in many places, with people around the globe experimenting with different placements. But before you decide, ‘I’m going to get a piercing near me’ there are a few things you should know.

Body Piercing - What parts of the body can be pierced?

Body jewelry can come in all shapes, sizes, and colours to suit different parts of the body you want to pierce but it can be confusing.

Ultimately which parts of the body to get pierced are always at the discretion of the piercee. But, the most popular places for body piercings are the ear, navel piercing (belly rings), nose, mouth, and tongue. Shops should use a medical-grade metal such as steel, and give you a list of instructions for proper care that is specific to your piercings.

Dermal piercings, for example, use a different kind of body jewellery and will require different care than things like a tragus or belly button piercing.

It is also important to note that your piercer may give you specific recommendations for parts of the body that are hard to heal so you’re fully prepared for the aftercare.

Is body piercing safe?

Although some body piercings carry more risks than others, body piercing is generally considered a very safe practice when performed by a professional in a sterile environment.

A nose piercing ring, for example, is much easier to care for than a tongue bar or traditional tongue piercing, but if you follow your piercer’s healing instructions, it is absolutely safe to do. Another risk you may be concerned about is an allergic reaction. It is very important to share any potential allergens with your piercer, and to always avoid contact with any metals or materials you are allergic to. Your safety should be your piercer’s top concern.

What kinds of body piercing jewelry do you sell?

Our body piercing jewelry comes in many different styles and is available for all common types of piercings. We sell jewellery for ear piercings such as tragus, but we also sell dermal tops, tongue bars, nose piercings rings, septum clickers, nose piercing, and more. Our body piercing jewellery is custom-made and safe for your body piercings.

Is body piercing right for me?

You may have fears or concerns when considering a body piercing. Some wonder if it will hurt, and others worry about infection or mistakes made by the piercer. However, as long as you research a professional shop with a clean environment, you can relax and leave the hard part to your piercer.

A correctly done piercing should have minimal pain and heal without issue when taken care of. If you’re still concerned about pain, you can take your usual over-the-counter painkiller approximately thirty minutes before your appointment. It is also important to remember to eat prior to your visit and to drink plenty of water. With these tips in mind, any person considering a body piercing should feel confident that it is right for them.

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