6 Gauge Plugs, Gauges & Tunnels (4mm)

Shop our range of plugs, gauges & tunnels in size 6g / 4mm for stretched ears.

6 Gauge Plugs (4mm)

Each of us is different, and have different ways to express ourselves, which is why we stock a wide range of 6 gauge plugs and 6g tunnels in a variety of shapes and materials. 

Our huge collection of 6 gauge tunnels means there is truly something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something comfortable to wear every day or new jewellery for a special occasion, here at Custom Plugs we have got you covered! 

6g gauge plugs - Shop our collection of 6g gauge plugs


We stock a wide range of 6g gauge plugs, 6g tunnels, 6 and 6g ear plugs, but design and quality are just some of the things that make ours stand out from the crowd! Like our completely affordable block colour square silicone tunnels which are perfect for everyday use, or our 6 gauge Amethyst single flare stone plug which has a beautiful effect and is built to last. 

What size is 6g plugs in mm?


When you’re aiming for a 6g ear stretch that equates to 4mm/ 6 gauge in size. Don’t worry if you’re a bit confused about sizes, there is a handy sizing chart on our website, plus we also state both sizes – in mm and gauges when you’re shopping for our 6g plugs on our website

What materials, shapes and colours do 6g plugs come in?


We sell 6g metal plugs, 6g acrylic plugs, 6g silicone plugs and 6g glass plugs

Silicone and acrylic are among the most popular, as they come in various colours and designs. People craving for a more classic look usually choose one of our metal 6 gauge tunnels, as they’re lightweight and thin which makes them easy to wear. Plus you can also mix them up in gold and silver colours. Recently, however, there has been a shift towards more natural materials such as glass and wooden plugs, as well as semi-precious stones such as rose quartz and amethyst. 

Those of you that are looking for something comfortable enough to sleep in will love our collection of silicone 6g tunnels. They have a two-toned shimmer, which makes them stand out from the regular silicone tunnels people usually buy. 

Our acrylic line is where you can find wonderful plugs such as the Blue Howlite Plug, alongside a variety of 6g ear stretch tapers. Acrylic plugs are natural eye-catchers with their vibrant colours, which also makes them a bit of a conversation starter! 

When it comes to shapes our 6 gauge ear plugs offer triangles, squares, teardrop, and the traditional circular plugs and tunnels. We’re also experimenting with new shapes and designs all the time which has led to recent releases including our coffin shape - which should be available in 6g soon! See our 6g plugs collection for our full range of plugs.

Have a question about 6g gauge plugs or tunnels?


Get in touch with us about any questions you have on 6g plugs or tunnels and we’ll get back to you in a day or so.