24mm Ear Gauges

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24mm ear gauges for 24mm stretched ears

Moving up to a size 24mm ear stretcher? We’ve got you covered here at Custom Plugs. We have a large range of 24mm plugs and tunnels to cater for every person's style. We make sure that no matter your stretched ear size, you can find high-quality plugs, tunnels or stretchers.

Whether you fancy a change with a new colour or are moving up to the 24mm stretched ear size, we have 24mm ear gauges available in different materials. From wood to silicone, glass to acrylic, or even natural stone, our range and size guide can help you find the right pair.

24mm plugs and tunnels - shop the collection

We know having the choice of designs, colours and materials is important when it comes to stretched ears. We make sure to sell a wide range of durable, high-quality plugs and tunnels that are easy to clean.

Not sure if 24mm ear stretchers are for you? Contact our friendly team today who can help answer any ear-stretching questions.

What size is a 24mm ear tunnel?

A 24mm ear tunnel or plug is one that is higher on the size chart. You may already have experience when it comes to stretching, so using mm and inches is given to plugs once the gauge numbers have run out.

A 24mm ear stretcher is equivalent to 15/16". All of our plugs and tunnels online cater for different size options so you can find the perfect match.

What 24mm ear gauges options are available?

Our options for 24mm stretched ears include plugs made out of wood, stone, 24mm silicone tunnels, glass and acrylic. All of these have been tested and are safe to use in stretched ear lobes. These can also be cleaned regularly to avoid infections.

Not only do we stock different materials, but we make sure to include different shapes and colours. Our traditional and most popular option is a round tunnel or plug, but we also have square or heart-shaped 24mm tunnels and plugs, featured in neutral colours or even neon colours!

Need help with 24mm ear gauges?

If you have any questions or need help looking for the perfect 24mm ear gauge, get in contact today and we can help with 24mm tunnel and plugs.

Is it safe to have 24mm stretched ears?

Yes, if stretched slowly and safely to 24mm stretched ears there will be no problems. When wearing it is advised to regularly clean. When moving up a size please look at our ear stretching guide to ensure the correct techniques are applied.

How long does it take to get to 24mm plugs and tunnels?

The time can differ for each person, as everyone's skin stretches differently. As 24mm is a larger size plug it can take a few months to reach this desired size. The larger the size of the ear plug, the longer it takes to stretch safely.

What materials are 24mm ear plugs available in?

Here at Custom Plugs, we stock a wide range of materials including wood, silicone, glass, stone, acrylic and more. We make sure all of these are hypoallergenic and safe to use on stretched ear lobes.