18mm Stretched Ears

Shop our wide collection of 18mm ear gauges for 18mm stretched ears.

18mm ear gauges for 18mm stretched ears

If you are looking for 18mm ear tapers or ear gauges you may have some experience at ear stretching already. Here at Custom Plugs, we have a variety of 18mm gauges for your ears. We hand pick each ear plug and tunnel to ensure only the best quality for your ears!

We can help you find a new design or colour for your 18mm stretched ears, or if you are looking to move up to a 18mm ear gauge size you can find more information on safe stretching in our ear stretching guide.

Ear gauges 18mm - shop the collection of 18mm ear gauges 

We offer a wide range of colours, designs and materials, whether you prefer metal ear plugs, silicone, acrylic or wood. We know how important it is to have the choice of style no matter your stretched ear size. 

We make sure our plug materials are safe to use against skin and can be easily cleaned. 

What size are 18mm stretched ears?

The smaller gauge number indicates a larger size of plug or stretched ear lobe. Once a person has a large enough size of stretched lobe, they will find it will no longer be measured in gauge numbers, but instead using mm and inches. 

An 18mm ear gauge is larger than a gauge number, so instead can also be measured as 11/16". All of our ear plugs have size options on their individual product page, so you can find the right size for you. 

What materials, shapes, and colours are available in 18mm ear gauge size?

We have a wide range of materials to cater to everyone's preference. From stone to silicone, wood to glass or even acrylic, all of our plugs and tunnels are hypoallergenic and can be cleaned easily. 

Our range of 18mm ear gauges can also come in a range of colours and shapes from neutrals to neon, classic circular to heart shaped or even triangle! We sometimes offer the same design in a different size, so when it's time to move up or down a size you can still keep your favourite plug. 

Need help with 18mm ear gauges?

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us and our team will be happy to help find the perfect 18mm ear gauges. 

Is it safe to have 18mm stretched ears?

Yes, 18mm stretched ears are safe to have. When wearing 18mm ear gauges, it is advised to regularly clean your ear plug and lobe. If you are progressing up a size, please ensure you use the correct stretching techniques and that it is done slowly over time.

What size are 18mm ear gauges?

The size of a 18mm ear gauge is also measured as 11/16". You can find more information on sizes in our size conversion guide.

How long does it take to stretch to a 18mm ear gauge?

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to reach your desired size of 18mm ear gauges. This is because everyone's ear lobes heal at a different pace. The larger the size of ear plugs, the longer it will take to stretch as we always recommend safe and slow stretching.

Are 18mm ear gauges used for ear stretching?

18mm ear gauges are a type of body jewellery that is placed inside the ear lobe after it has been stretched. To stretch your earlobes you can take a look at our handy guide and ear stretching kits.