12 Gauge Plugs for Stretched Ears

12 gauge plugs, 2mm Plugs for 12 gauge ear piercing

If you have 12 gauge stretched ears, you may be slowly building your confidence at ear stretching and choosing the correct tunnels, plugs and gauges for your ears. Here at custom plugs we have a range of high quality 12 gauge plugs in a range of unique styles, designs, shapes and colours, so you can easily find one to match your aesthetic.

Whether you are switching out your current 12 gauge plug earrings for a new design, or will be moving up to 12 gauge plugs, Custom Plugs can be on hand to help you find the perfect match.

2mm plugs - Shop the collection of 2mm / 12 gauge plugs

We stock a wide range of 12 gauge ear plugs, tunnels and tapers in a variety of materials. From wooden plugs to stone plugs, silicone plugs to metal plugs, our unique and bespoke options cater to anyone's styles and 12 gauge ear sizes. 

100% safe to use, 12 gauge earrings are ideal for those who are slowly increasing the size of their stretched lobes.

What size are 12 gauge stretched ears?

The larger the size of your stretched ears the smaller the gauge number, then when you run out of gauge numbers you start using mm and inches to measure. 

12 gauge plugs are equivalent to a 2mm plug. All ear plugs on our website have easy sizing options on the product page so you can find the perfect fit for you. If you need further help converting gauge sizes to mm you can find more on our ear gauge size chart.

If you are relatively new to ear stretching and dont have 12 gauge ear plugs yet, you should work your way up the ear stretching sizes slowly and safely to avoid damaging your lobes. For learning to stretch safely, we offer ear stretching kits and tapers.

What materials, shapes, and colours do 12 gauge plug earrings come in?

We stock one of the largest varieties of 12 gauge plug types! We currently offer 12 gauge earrings made from silicone, stone, acrylic, glass and wood which are all 100% safe on stretched skin and can be cleaned easily. 

Our collection of 12 gauge plug earrings also come in a selection of colours and shapes for you to add flair and even match outfits. Just some shapes include round, tear drop, square, triangular, heart, coffin and more! If you are after a size bigger or smaller than our 12 gauge plugs we sometimes offer the same design in different sizes. 

Have a question on 12 gauge earrings?

Need help regarding our range of 12 gauge ear plugs? Easily get in contact with us today and we can ensure you find the correct plugs, tunnels or tapers for your stretched ears!

Are 12 gauge plugs safe to use?

12 gauge ear plugs/2mm ear plugs are safe to use. Please be advised all ear stretchers are only safe to use when following the proper stretching techniques from the beginning and that you keep your 12 gauge stretched ears and jewellery hygienic. You can find more information on correct stretching in our ear stretching guide.

What is the size of 12 gauge ear piercings?

The size of a 12 gauge ear plug is the same as the 2mm gauges. If you are still unsure you can find more information in our size conversion guide.

How long does it take to stretch your ears to a 12 gauge plug?

As everyone's ears are different, It can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Generally, the larger the size of your plug the longer it will take to stretch safely.

Do you have to stretch your ears to wear 2mm plugs?

Yes. All ear plugs are a type of ear stretching jewellery inserted into the earlobe hole that is left by stretching, including 12 gauge ear plugs.