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Just as the title suggests, our collection is all about the dark side and encountering the unknown. The other side. Do you dare to shop the look?

Conjured Spirits


The Ouija Pointer Saba Teardrop wood plugs are the perfect place to start, based on a planchette to summon the spirits. Handmade, buffed and passed to our laser technician to engrave. We also laser this design on glass teardrops which give them a subtle vibe.

Ouija Pointer Teardrops

The Watcher Saba Teardrop wood plug is a subtle hint of the unknown. After all, is someone always watching?

Watcher Saba Teardrop

This next product represents a jealous demon. We love the dark myth behind the Hannya Mask Saba Wood plug, its face has been said to portray the souls of those transformed into a Demon.

Hannya Mask

Channel old-school horror in our White ribcage glass plug or try the Green ribcage plug with Frankenstein-esque neon shots of colour, perfect for a striking look.

White and Green Ribcage Plugs

Treat yourself to the Always watching wooden Jewellery box to conceal your things from prying eyes or the Ouija board phone case to contact the other side (or just your friends).

Always watching jewellery box - Ouija Phone Case

Pick up the Gravestone Enamel Pin and the Planchette Enamel pin, our favourites to transform any backpack or jacket or why not satisfy your dark humour and grab the Whatever Tote.

Pins and whatever tote bag.

To complete the look, wear the Claw Ring, bulky antiqued silver talons that invoke images of creatures of the night lurking in the dark waiting for its next victim.

Claw Ring

If all this is getting too much for you then we think it would be wise to grab our Tiger eye plugs for a little bit of protection against those evil spirits!

Tiger Eye Plugs