What is 00g in mm? 00g gauge sizes in mm explained

In the body modification industry, we often use the gauge system to measure the sizes that plugs, tunnels, and other types of body jewellery come in. But, this can be confusing when it comes to converting gauge sizes into mm.

In this post we’ll be looking at 00g gauges in mm:

What size is 00g plugs in mm?

10 mm is the size of 00g in mm and this is the largest plug size that uses the gauge system.

While there are plugs and tunnels available in sizes larger than 00g, we measure their sizes in mm or fractions of an inch because the gauge system wasn’t designed for the bigger sizes.

If you want to find out the sizes of your plugs other than 00g 10mm gauges, check out our ear stretching size chart which has all of the conversions.

Looking to buy 00g plugs?

We’ve been designing and creating unique plugs for over 10 years, and we’re very proud of the products we create! So, if you’re interested in 00g 10mm gauges, take a look at our collection!

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