IT’S BACK! By Popular Demand
Running from January 1st - 5th, our FREE PLUGS promo means for every plug you buy, you will receive a FREE random one added to your order when shipping (this will not appear in your basket)
Bought 5 individual plugs? We will throw in 5 more for FREE!
If you want pairs, buy them as normal and we’ll add random matching pairs in your chosen size(s).
There is no limit to the amount you can buy, so fill your basket and treat yourself.
  1. If you buy a single Mermaid Scales plug in 18mm you will receive another 18mm plug chosen at random. You will NOT receive another Mermaid Scales plug. 
  2. If you purchase different sizes in your order you shall receive 1 x Free Plug(s) for each size. E.g you purchase 1 x 12mm and 1 x 14mm you will receive 1 free 12mm and 1 free 14mm in your order. 
  3. The colour, style, and material of the free plug(s) will be the decision of Custom Plugs from our past and present range. Any pictures depicting the prizes on any media or promotional materials are for depiction purposes only.
  4. This offer is valid on plugs, tunnels and teardrops. Ear weights, fake plugs, tapers and earrings are NOT included.
  5. Lucky dip plugs are not included in this promotion.
  6. We reserve the right to change any of the termsconditions or policies of the site or promotion, at any time in our sole discretion.