Zero Gauge Plugs, Zero Gauge Gauges, and Zero Gauge Tunnels

Ear stretching is a journey that takes time and patience. From the tiny 20g/18g piercing, a person can stretch their ears safely until they get to the zero gauge plugs, zero gauge gauges, and zero gauge tunnels.

The size is commonly referred to as the 'point of no return.' For a good chunk of individuals stretching their ears impedes healing when you take out the ornament.

However, we are not all at the same level of elasticity, which means zero gauge ear ornaments may already be a bit much for some and manageable for others. Therefore, the point of no return is less of a certainty and more a reference point.

We provide zero gauge ear stretching equipment to help keep the stretching process clean and healthy.

Zero Gauge Plugs: Shop Our Collection Of Zero Gauge Plugs

Our collection has a multitude of zero gauges and ear stretching equipment to keep the process safe and accurate.

Here, you’ll find zero gauge plugs, zero gauge tunnels, zero gauge earplugs, and zero gauge gauges of various shapes, colors, and materials (wood, glass, acrylic, silicone, metal, etc.). You'll find both single and double flare plugs, with the assurance that all the zero gauge earplugs you get are 100% safe for use.

We adhere to the highest quality standards and provide medical-grade products to keep buyers safe. 

What Size are Zero Gauge Plugs in mm and inches?

We use gauges to measure body jewelry size at our shop, which could be different from the shops you've visited before. For clarity, zero gauge plugs, gauges, and tunnels (AKA 0g)equate to 8 millimeters (mm) or 5/16 inches. The other popular size, which comes after zero gauges, is 00 gauge or 00g, equal to 10 mm or 3/8 inches.

Even though people may mistakenly refer to 00 and zero gauges or 0g as the same thing, they are not. 00g is larger, and should you be looking for 00 gauge plugs, gauges and tunnels, our shop provides a wide selection to check out.

What Materials, Shapes, and Colors do Zero Gauge Plugs, Tunnels, and Gauges Come in?

Are you looking for a specific design or style? We know how difficult it can be to find safe tunnels and plugs that go with your look. That is why our collection showcases the best styles and materials for maximum variety.

Our site visitor will find zero gauge wood plugs and tunnels, zero gauge silicone tunnels, zero gauge stone plugs, and zero gauge glass plugs. Suffice to say that every material, shape, and color is represented, including precious stones.

Zero gauges come in various shapes, including spirals, flat flared, double flared, teardrop-shaped, tophat, and even curved.

Have a Question about Zero Gauge Plugs and Gauges?

Do you have a question about our zero gauge plug products for ears? Contact us today with any questions, and we will get back to you.

What size is zero gauge in mm earplugs?

Zero gauge gauges equate to 8.251 millimeters or 5/16ths of an inch. The conversion is the same for zero gauge gauges, plugs, and tunnels.