Stretched Ear Jewelry

Stretched ear jewelry is a beautiful and unique way to decorate your ears. Stretching your ears often comes with a sense of new identity and owning your new styles. Let’s take a look at how to stretch your ears and what jewelry you can adorn for your beautifully stretched lobes.

Jewelry For Stretched Ears

Plugs: A plug is a solid piece of ear jewelry. Plugs are the most popular style for stretched lobes and offer the best style options and designs. Also known as Ear Gauges.

Tunnels: A tunnel, otherwise known as an eyelet, is a piece of hollow ear jewelry. It's hollow all through in the form of a straight shaft, which you secure with O- rings. Tunnels allow you to see right through the lobe, especially larger sizes.

Ear Weights: Ear weights are pieces of jewellery you use once you have your ears stretched already. We don’t recommend using ear weights for stretching as they can lead to uneven stretching. Using ear weights for stretching can also cause blowouts, tearing, and stop you from being able to revert back to smaller sizes if you want them to heal. 

Stretched Ear Jewelry Materials

Plugs and tunnels come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from many materials - the most popular being: Acrylic, Glass, Metal, Silicone, Stone, Synthetic Stone and Wood.

Questions about Ear Jewelry

If you have questions about our range of plugs, tunnels, ear weights or other proucts. Please feel free to contact us.

What do you call earrings for stretched ears?

In the context of body modification, a plug (also known as an earplug or earspool) is a small, cylindrical piece of jewelry typically worn in larger-gauge body piercings. They may also be sometimes referred to as flesh tunnels. 

What causes stretched earlobes to smell?

While expanding your ears, the odor will be more noticeable. Because the ear is attempting to recover, more sebum and dead skin will be produced. There will be less of an odor as you come closer to your target ear gauge. The plug itself, depending on its material, contributes to the odor.

Is it possible for stretched ears to return to their original condition?

You have a far better chance of your ear returning to "normal" if you stretch your lobe to 00g or smaller. However, if you stretch your ear to a really big size - say, an inch in diameter - the chances of it ever returning to its original state are slim.