Glass Gauges & Plugs

Shop our range of Glass Gauges & Plugs for stretched ears. Beautiful glass plugs available in all shapes and sizes along with custom designs.

Glass Gauges

Glass gauges are a type of body modification plug that are a popular pick due to how light they are, and can often give stretched ears a break from heavy metal or stone plugs.

Glass ear plugs are also incredibly easy to clean and one of the best materials to wear if your stretch is healing or has been irritated in some way! Whilst you may think that glass gauge earrings are fragile, they’re actually pretty sturdy, easy to clean which is why they’re a favourite.

We have a huge collection of glass ear plugs in all possible designs and colours so take a look around our online store and see what we have.

Shop Our Selection of Glass Gauges and Plugs

With our selection of glass ear plugs you can choose between clear or engraved variations so you can get custom and one-of-a-kind looks. Create your very own custom design by choosing an engraving you’d like:a special date, a quote, or an emblem – the choice is yours. We also have tons of already created designs with different engravings, from cute, floral, playful to serious and dark no matter your style.

Our gauges also come in unicolour, fully transparent, polished, or dichroic glass gauges. But one of the hottest designs right now in our store is the cracked glass design which gives a cool effect! (No worries, they are fully polished on the outside).

Choose your favourite shape of glass ear gauges, from circular flat flare to double flare glass ear plugs, to teardrop shaped plugs, all the way to intricately designed glass spiral gauges that can be used as regular plugs or as tapers!

What sizes/gauges do our glass gauges and plugs come in?

You’ll find that our shop has glass gauges of all the regularly used sizes, but also stocks in-between sizes. Find the following glass ear gauges:

Metric sizes

Imperial sizes

1.6 mm


2 mm


2.4 mm


3.2 mm


4 mm


5 mm 


6 mm


8 mm


10 mm


11 mm




14 mm


16 mm


19 mm


22 mm


25 mm


28 mm

1 7/64"

29 mm

1 1/8"

30 mm

1 3/16"

32 mm

1 1/4"

34 mm

1 11/32"

36 mm

1 27/64"

38 mm

1 1/2"

40 mm

1 - 9/16"    

42 mm

1 21/32"

44 mm

1 3/4"

46 mm

1 13/16"

47 mm

1 27/32"

48 mm

1 7/8"

50 mm


We also have our ear stretching sizes chart with listed wearable depths for each plug material, so be sure to check the depth of glass ear plugs before you purchase if you’re uncertain about size.

Do we sell single flare glass gauges as well as double flare glass plugs?

Yes! We do stock both options, and it’s really easy to find the your favourite in the store. When browsing our shop just use the filter on the left side to show single flare glass plugs or double flare glass ear plugs only. We also sell unusual and unique shaped plugs including: coffin shaped, heart shaped and teardrop tunnel and plugs.

Note: With double flared glass gauges, you must be sure the flared part, which is larger, fits through your stretched earlobe. For single flare glass ear gauges, you can fit them on the side that isn’t flared, and put an “O” to keep them in place.

Got a question about our glass gauges and plugs?

Do you have any questions about our glass gauge earrings? We’re happy to help you out, so contact us and we’ll get back to you in a day or two.

Are Glass Plugs Good For Stretching?

Glass is a great choice when stretching to new gauge size. Glass is hypoallergenic and is great to use during the stretching process as it rarely causes reactions.

Are Glass Plugs Good For Healing?

Glass is hypoallergenic and is great to use during the stretching process as it rarely causes reactions. Remember as well that metal / titanium plugs are non-reactive and non-porous to help with the healing process.  

Why Do People Use Glass Plugs?

Glass plugs and tunnels offer a great option because they can be customised to take on different shapes and colours. All that makes them easy to work with, accessorise, match, and offers less potential for allergic reactions.

Can I Sleep With Glass Plugs In?

Glass plugs are okay to sleep in but should not be worn too regularly if they are heavy. To bed, you should pick your lightest, least complicated plug. If that happens to be your glass one, you should have no trouble sleeping in it.