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Gauge tapers are something you need when you start to stretch your ears yourself. Whilst a professional will usually do the first few stretches, those who are confident in body modification can do the rest at home using an ear stretcher kit.

An ear gauging kit will have everything you need to stretch your earlobes: gauge tapers of all the required sizes, as well as o-rings to keep them in place. We stock a wide range of beautiful & unique ear gauge taper kits. 

What are gauge tapers?

Gauge tapers are cone-looking tools with a spiked end that you use to slowly stretch your ears. They are gradually pushed through your piercing hole until you reach the size that you want. You start with the smallest and build your way up to the larger sizes. Usually you would buy an ear gauge taper set.

are usually marked in gauge sizes (g), with the larger number indicating a smaller taper. Here at Custom Plugs, we have all sizes including:

  • 1.2mm - 16g / gauge
  • 1.5mm - 14g / gauge
  • 2mm - 12g / gauge
  • 2.5mm - 12g / gauge
  • 3mm - 8g / gauge
  • 4mm - 6g / gauge
  • 5mm - 4g / gauge
  • 6mm - 2g / gauge
  • 7mm - 1g / gauge
  • 8mm - 0g / gauge
  • 10mm - 00g / gauge

View the full ear gauge size chart here.

As a note, if you choose to stretch your ears on your own, remember that stretching your ears must be done slowly. It’s all about patience. Never skip gauge tapers and only increase one size at a time, because not only will they become sore and painful, you are at danger of ripping them or with bigger sizes, having a blowout. And if this happens, they won’t shrink back to their original size. Ideally, you’ll want to stick to one size ear tapers for at least six weeks so the earlobe is accustomed to the size.

Shop our range of gauge tapers

Here at, you’ll find a large selection of gauge tapers to choose from in a variety of different materials and styles. We sell ear gauging kits with all sizes you need to stretch your ears, and if you feel like stopping for longer on a specific size but don’t want to wear tunnels or plugs, you can wear tapers! We have cool designs like taper spirals and pinchers that create an awesome effect too if you’re after something a little different.

What materials do our gauge tapers come in?

Our gauge tapers are available in acrylic, surgical steel, synthetic stone, and glass versions. Most of our tapers are acrylic tapers and are available as kits and one-size spiral options so that you can pick ear tapers to suit your unique style and taste.

We are also working on building up our glass and synthetic stone tapers which you can buy individually!

Whether you want tapers as part of an ear stretcher kit, or as a new piece of body jewellery you can bet we’ve got something you’ll like.

Got a question about our gauge tapers?

Not sure which gauge tapers are right for you, or the best place to start? Get in touch with any questions about our plugs, tunnels, or ear stretching kits and we’ll get back to you within a day or two.

What Are Gauge Tapers?

Gauge tapers are cone-shaped tools with a tapered end that you can use to safely and slowly stretch your ears. The gauge tapers are pushed through, starting from the thinnest end and ending with the cone base. The tapers are used from small to large and come in a set that you can use to stretch your ears gradually.

Can Tapers Be Worn As Gauges?

Yes, they can, but you should not because the process will produce an uneven stretch. These tapers are to be worn in healed ears stretched as jewellery. The reason? Some taper materials are porous and can carry bacteria, which you do not want in your unhealed ear. Additionally, the heavier side of the taper will stretch the ear unevenly.

How Long Should You Leave Tapers In Before Replacing Them With Plugs?

Experts suggest:

2g to 0g - 4-5 months

4g to 2g - 3-4 months.

6g to 4g - 3-4 months.

8g to 6g - 3-4 months.

10g to 8g - 2-3 months

12g to 10g - 2-3 months.

14g to 12g - 1-2 months.

16g to 14g - 1-2 months.

Does Tapering Hurt?

Tapers are not sharp and have nicely rounded ends. However, if you are not careful, you might hurt yourself. The trick is to take it slowly and make sure your ears are healed between each stretch. You can even use some jojoba oil to help the stretching process.

Is It Okay To Leave Tapers In Overnight?

Only if it is comfortable and you are sure you sleep soundly enough not to move around and cause a tear. However, if it is too tight, the skin inside the hole will tear, causing a blowout or tear, which is painful and bloody.

Should I Take Out My Tapers To Shower?

Ear cleaning is part of the maintenance routine you need to go through, especially when they are not healed. As such, do not leave in your tapers when showering. Take them out so the hole and taper can be cleaned. Before you dry your ears, oil them and put them back in.

Can I Stretch My Ears Without Tapers?

Yes, you can. Some of the popular and common options used include wearing heavy plugs to stretch the ears, adding large jewellery to the gauge, and adding PFTE tape to the plugs you wear. However, make sure that you are careful not to stretch too much or hurt yourself as you do this. If you’re using an alternative method to stretch then do your research. Patience is your best friend.