Fake Gauges & Fake Gauge Earrings

Shop our collection of fake gauges &amp fake gauge earrings. Give the illusion of having gauged ears without the stretching!

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Fake gauges are a type of body jewelry that helps you ease into the world of ear stretching!

Not all of us are ready to modify our bodies permanently, just because we like how it looks, and that’s okay. Stretching your ears is a commitment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try it out (without the commitment) thanks to our great collection of fake gauges for your ears.

Testing the Look

You can use our amazing fake plugs to give the appearance of stretched ears, whilst trying different styles at the same time.

They are actually just regular earrings with fake gauges that give the appearance of having actual plugs. You can pick and choose between various fake gauge designs and change them every day, without having to wait to actually stretch your ears, or wait for them to shrink to a smaller gauge.

Fake plugs work well for smaller and mid-sizes, but be careful – it might appear odd for larger sizes, as it becomes evident your ears aren’t stretched that much!

To be honest, many people just enjoy the different designs and don’t actually choose to stretch their earlobes at all. So it’s entirely up to your preference.

We have one of the largest fake gauge earring lineups you can find online, all just a click away!

Fake Gauges

If you’re in the market for fake gauges, chances are, you’ll have some trouble deciphering the differences between fake plugs and fake gauges.

But in reality, it’s fairly simple – plugs are the actual jewelry, and gauges are the sizing. For sizing, just keep in mind that smaller gauge numbers mean larger size.  But many people use the words interchangeably these days with Gauges in use in the US and Plugs being used more heavily elsewhere. 

It can be confusing, but once you get a hang of it, you’ll know exactly which size you like and prefer.

We have a range of fake plugs and gauges in a variety of styles and materials, whether you want silicone, precious metals like gold and titanium, or more unique materials like wood or stone!  We have fake gauges for both men and women. View our Ear Stretching guide here.

Is it OK to Wear Fake Gauges?

Of course, it is. Sometimes it’s the preferred option too! It’s faster when compared to actual plugs and ear stretching, and it’s easier to go back to regular jewelry since you’re never actually stretching your earlobes in the first place.

For some professions, unfortunately, having actual plugs is not acceptable yet, so sporting a pair of fake gauges on your jewelry is a win-win situation: you can still enjoy the look, but comply with workplace regulations by taking them off as needed.

We have lots of styles and designs of fake plugs – and we’re working on bringing other types of fake jewelry in as well, like fake tapers and fake weights and even fake magnetic gauges so watch this space!

Got a question about our fake gauges?

If you are unsure which fake gauges are the right pick for you, or can’t find the material and design you’d like to test, simply drop us a message – either via email or through our contact page. We’ll make sure you find the fake gauges and fake plugs designs you like.

How do you insert fake plugs / gauges?

Fake plugs / gauges are inserted like regular earrings.  Just pop them in and attach the back.

Do fake plugs / gauges look real?

They can look real to people who do not have any experience with ear stretching. But they will look fake to people who have stretched ears.

Do fake plugs/gauges stretch your ears?

No - fake gauges / plugs do not stretch your ears. They fit into your regular piercing and give the illusion of having plugs.