Double Zero Gauges / 00g

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00g size or double zero gauges are the largest sizes of ear jewellery that still use the gauge system. After this sizes are measured in mm or inches. 00g size or double zero gauge size are one of the most popular gauge sizes that people shop for in store. That’s one of the reasons we have such a large collection. 

For the last 10 years, we’ve been actively following trends in body jewellery in order to provide you with awesome, unique designs and high-quality products and now we have one of the largest collections of plugs and gauges in the world. We stock size 18mm gauges and double zero gauges as well as plugs and tunnels that are larger too. 

Double Zero Gauges/Plugs

From traditional circular tunnels and plugs to the more unconventional coffin or V saddle shapes there is something for every occasion. Our teardrop obsidian or amethyst are particularly striking, or we have double zero dangle plugs for sale if you want more of a traditional earring look. 

Take a look at our awesome collection of double zero plugs and gauges and see for yourself! Our plugs come in a variety of designs and materials so everyone can find something matching their unique style!

What is double zero gauges in mm?

Most plugs use the gauge system for measuring sizes. Since we know that the system can be a bit confusing, our store has plug sizes listed in mm and inches as well. Double zero gauges actual size is 10mm in diameter or 3/8”. 

If you’re still unsure how large are double zero gauges in mm, you can always take a look at our ear gauge size chart.

How to stretch to double zero gauges size

When you first get your ears pierced, you will likely start at 18g, which is 1mm in diameter. From there, you’ll need to gradually stretch your ears until you’ll be able to rock double zero ear gauges. In order to reach double zero gauge size, we recommend that you use some of our stretching kits in order to prevent injury such as blowouts, so make sure you check out our ear stretching kit selection as well. 

What materials do our double zero gauges come in?

When you browse our collection, you’ll notice that our selection of double zero gauge earrings and plugs come in a variety of materials.

Wood and metal have been really popular lately due to the shifting trends towards being environmentally friendly. Plus our wood double zero ear gauges have unique engravings that create a unique rustic effect. Our acrylic double zero gauge earrings also come in breathtaking designs, while silicone double zero plugs have a lot of different colour options for day-to-day use. Plus, they are particularly comfortable for those with active lifestyles. 

If you want a timeless classic, you should also check out the glass plugs and gauges we have in the store for cool effects! 

Questions about double zero gauges?

Have a question about double zero gauges or plugs? Get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you in one or two days to help. 

What Is A Double Zero In Gauges?

Double zero gauge (00g) is equal to about 3/8ths of an inch. After reaching double zero, we run out of gauges and have to measure things in millimetres and fractions of inches. The sizes increase by 1 sixteenth of an inch but are expressed in reduced fractions.

Is There A Size Between 2 And 0 Gauges?

Yes, the size is 1g or 7mm. The measured difference between gauge sizes gradually goes up too. An example would be that the difference between 16 gauge and 14 gauge is about 0.4mm, while the difference between 2 gauge and 0 gauge is 2mm.

Is 0 to 00 A Big Jump?

The half-size between 0g and 00g is 9mm and is often called a double-zero gauge. It is a big jump for any human ears and, if not done carefully, can cause rips and micro-tears that you may not be able to see, especially when they do not bleed.

How Big Is 0 Gauge?

5/16ths of an inch or approx 8mm.

Will my double zero gauge close up?

Not completely. Nevertheless, generally, when you reach a double-zero gauge, all you can do is try to shrink it and make it as small as possible. Each person's ear is different.