Crystal Ear Stretchers Collection

Today, ear stretchers & gauges come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. At Custom Plugs, we provide our customers with plugs and tunnels in a variety of durable materials that include acrylic, wood, glass, steel, and crystal. 

One of our most popular ranges include stone and crystal for being 100% natural and easy to clean. Some of these include geode ear plugs and citrine ear plugs.

Crystal Ear Plugs and Crystal Tunnels - 100% Natural

We stock one of the widest ranges of crystal ear plugs and crystal tunnels for you to choose from. We've taken the best semi precious stones and crystals and crafted them into beautiful pieces for your lobes.

As stretching ears is becoming more popular and, unlike piercings, takes time and consideration to gauge safely, it only makes sense to wear unique and noticeable crystal plug earrings to show the proud results of ear stretching. These natural and organic crystal ear gauges are body-safe, beautiful, and completely natural/organic.

What Type of Crystals are Gauges and Plugs Made From?

-Tourmaline Quartz: has an appearance that is usually milky white or clear, with brown or black lines darting through the stone. You can also spot some tourmaline quartz with streaks of gold or green. The subtle differences in each pair make crystal plugs earrings you own unique. Some people believe that this crystal removes negative energy and has grounding energies. 

-Haematite: almost all of the world’s haematite today is silver-grey, but the stones have been known to be reddish in the past. Haematite was believed to help raise someone’s energy, iron absorption and help rid the body of unwanted chemicals. The stone is associated with protecting the wearer from negative energies or anyone that means harm.

-Amethyst: a common starter plug or tunnel for any crystal ear stretchers collector, is believed to help aid calm. These crystals have many tones to choose from, such as purple, lilac and lavender. For crystal ear gauges, you can also choose different styling from perfectly polished to rougher crystal ear plugs and gauges.  

What Is The Difference Between Stone And Crystal Ear Plugs?

Both stone and crystal are excellent choices for your plug, gauge, or tunnel. However, they have their differences. Crystal ear plugs are solid materials with repetitive ionic structure, whereas stone has a different less repetitive structure that makes them feel rough. 

What Size Crystal Ear Plugs and Gauges are Available at Custom Plugs?

Given our personal experience in the ear stretching industry, we have encountered just about every size of crystal ear gauges and crystal tunnels imaginable. Our ear gauge size chart currently only features standard sizes, but feel free to contact us to get more information. 

How do I clean my crystal ear stretchers?

While crystals are tough materials it is always important to be gentle while cleaning your crystal ear plugs. Use a microfiber cloth, water, and mild soap such as baby shampoo. Please do not use chemicals or leave your crystal ear gauges in the sun because you could possibly ruin the layers and colour.

Should I get double flared crystal tunnels and plugs?

Your decision depends on whether your ears are healed or not. Your current size taper will also dictate whether you can comfortably wear a double flared piece.

How do you insert crystal ear plugs?

Use Argan or Jojoba oil on your earlobe and some on the crystal ear plug or tunnel. Press the ear piece into the earlobe at a comfortable angle. It is worth noting that if you feel any pain, you should wait or stop immediately. Read our handy guide to ear stretching here.