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We have continued to push the boundaries here at Custom Plugs by making cool plugs and tunnels using creative designs that are 100% safe to use, durable and easy to clean.

As we wear cool gauge earrings ourselves, we know first hand the importance of finding the right size and fit to match your unique style. Check out our wide range of cool ear plugs and tunnels available in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colours. 

Is There A Difference Between Cool Plugs And Tunnels?

While the words plug or tunnel may seem to point to the same thing, there are a few differences.The two have a significant distinction that can help you distinguish them.

An ear plug is made solid. Ear tunnels, on the other hand, are hollow and are meant to emphasise the ear itself. If an ear piece has even a slight opening, it is immediately classified as an ear tunnel.

At Custom Plugs, we have a variety of both, from cool 00g plugs to tunnels that can come in different materials, including wood, silicone, and acrylic. We are focused on creating unique and cool ear gauges  that fit the personality and style of our customers. Our products also have add-ons like synthetic diamonds which can take your style to the next level.

What Are The Types Of Ear Tunnels, Gauges, And Plugs?

The cool gauge earrings and plugs can come with no flare, a single flare, a double flare, or even a screw fit. All of these categories have different physical features that make them unique.

No Flare

When it comes to cool gauge earrings, flare is mainly used to mean edge. A no-flare plug or tunnel is smooth and straight. The design makes them ideal for earlobes that are not fully healed.  

These cool gauge earrings are longer than other designs because they need O-rings to keep them in place.

Single flared

Unlike the no-flare earrings, single flare plugs and tunnels have one edge. The flared edge is supposed to face the front while the smooth end is at the back of the earlobe.

An O-ring is placed on the protruding inner part to keep the earring in place. Since the flared portion doesn’t pass through the earlobe, the single flare plug or tunnel is ideal for recovering earlobes.

Double Flared

A double flared plug, gauge, or tunnel has two edges. These don’t need O-rings to hold them in place and are the most common choice product.

These cool ear plugs and tunnels must be pushed through your earlobe and need fully healed earlobes to prevent overstretching.

Saddle-fit plugs and tunnels also fall under the double-flared category but have much smoother edges. This makes it easier to insert your cool gauge earrings or tunnels.

Keep in mind that these will also have to be used on fully healed earlobes to be safe. These can come in large sizes including the cool 00g plugs and tunnels.

Screw Fit

At Custom Plugs, we offer this option for people that want the double flared look without fully healed earlobes.

They are safer because they come in two separate parts, one single flare bit that fits into the earlobes and the other part which is added on the back. Using this technique will not risk flexing or stretching your earlobe. 

A variety of cool ear gauges with this design are available at Custom Plugs with a range of materials and add-ons on their online shop.  

What are cool ear gauges for?

While people might sometimes use the term ear gauges to describe ear plugs, a gauge is typically used to describe what size plug fits your earlobe.

Do our cool ear plugs and tunnels always come in pairs?

It depends on what you want as a customer. You can order a piece individually or as a pair.

Are plugs still cool?

Yes - absolutely.