Named after Ask and Embla, the first two humans created by the Norse gods, Ask & Embla is an embodiment of the first of humankind, emphasising our ability as people to act, think, speak and feel.

The philosophy behind Ask & Embla focuses on the diversity of people and our ability to appreciate different forms of expression. As such, its catalog is packed with variety on every page, catering to just about every taste.

Here are the best-selling plugs on Ask & Embla:

Labradorite Stone Plugs

At the top of this list is a Labradorite number with stunning visuals. At first glance, it seems like a variety of light is stuck inside the stone. It evokes images of batting forces of dark and light, a duality we experience every day on this earth. If you have a slightly overactive imagination, you might even see some ethereal presence lurking inside the stone.

Smoky Dragon’s Eye Plugs

If you got close enough to a dragon to look it in the eye, its pupil might very well have the same smoky quality set on a black background that these Smoky Dragon’s eye plugs have. If you want to use a black plug that isn’t too goth but still stands out without drawing too much attention to themselves, then this inspired pair may be for you.

Opalite Plugs

They seem to have a pearly glow, and why wouldn't they? Opals are beautiful, as evidenced by the pair displayed on the site. A closer look shows a wispy, very thin blue hue meeting an even wispier pinkish hue somewhere inside the opalite plug. Suffice to say that this piece is low key but gets the job done.

Ember Agate Plugs

The ember agate plugs look pretty delicious. They have the appearance of light chocolate, dripped in some honey for good measure. Apart from evoking confectionery, the plugs remind us of wood that’s been treated with a resin coating and polished to perfection. This pair could be worn with just about any outfit and still work.

Black Agate Teardrop Plugs

The traditional round shape is the default for many plugs. It functions well and gets the job done as intended. However, oval shapes are not too far off from round ones, depending on how elliptical you go. The black agate teardrop plugs come in a soft, bulbous teardrop shape that comfortably sits in an ear hole stretched to its size.

Orion Mandala Plugs

If you want to wear something that reminds us of royalty, this pair is it. The wheel design is adorned by intricate shapes transitioning from a teardrop shape to a fleur-de-lis in a repeating and symmetrical manner. Gold goes well with anything but exceptionally well with a black and gold outfit that combines both colors or keeps them separate.

The bestseller list of plugs on Ask & Embla contains variations of some of the plugs mentioned above, including the Dragon's eyes, which comes in Glacier, Cerulean, Silver and other types. There are even more selections on the site than we’ve listed, which you can check out for yourself.