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For the past 10 years, Custom Plugs have been a source of unique, quality pieces of body jewellery from 8mm plugs to 00g plugs and everything in between. Even now, we’re working to bring a massive range across all sizes so we remain one of the large collections of ear gauges, plugs and tunnels in the world. 

8mm gauges - Shop our collection of 8mm gauge plugs

8mm gauges are one of the most popular sizes so we have a lot to offer. Our store is packed with a huge range of 8mm ear plugs, 8mm tunnels, and gauges! You can shop our collection of 8mm plugs here.

We’re sure that you’ll find something among our 8mm ear gauge collection that you’ll love in no time! We’re also constantly updating and adding new items to our collection, so make sure you drop by every now and then and check out our new arrivals!

What size is 8mm piercing gauges?

8mm tunnel piercing sizes are equivalent to a 0g size. Since some prefer their plug sizes in gauges, others in mm or inches, our website lists all sizes so you’ll never have to worry about picking the wrong one.

If you want to convert sizes yourself, you can also consult our handy ear gauge size size chart as well. 

Most of our items on the site are available in sizes including 16 gauge 8mm pieces. And if you’re working towards 8mm stretched ears, make sure you take a look at our ear stretching kits for easy and safe stretching.

What materials, shapes, and colours do 8mm gauge come in?

Our store is packed with 8mm metal gauges, 8mm acrylic gauges, 8mm silicone gauges, and 8mm glass gauges. Our unique collection of 8mm plugs and tunnels also comes in semi-precious stones such as quartz and cobalt.

Take a look at our 8mm gauges collection for our full range of jewellery!

Our 8mm gauges / plugs also come in various shapes including plugs, tapers, and spirals. You can also find 8mm ear tunnel and 8mm gauge earrings as well, among other specially designed items. We also have more unique shapes such as squares, triangles, hearts, and coffin-shaped gauges so you can better express your individual style!

As for colours, we sell a range of 8mm ear plugs in colours like gold, silver, bronze, and brass. These metal plugs look very stylish and go well with any occasion. Plugs that come in natural precious and semi-precious stones like rose quartz, amethyst, and diamond are quite eye-catching, and you’ll likely get compliments while rocking them.

Got questions about our 8mm gauges?

If you have any questions or need help picking out the right plug, gauge, or tunnel for you, just drop us a message, and we will get back to you in a couple of days!

What Size Ear Gauge Is 8mm?

8mm converts to about 5/16ths of an inch. The size also refers to a 0-gauge size.

Is 8g The Same As 8mm?

No. The gauge measurements do not directly translate to mm. As such, 8g would be 0.129 inches or about 3.264mm.

Can I Stretch My Ears Every 2 Weeks To Reach 8mm?

You are advised to stretch slowly and wait 4-8 weeks between stretches so you can heal properly to reach your desired gauge level.