16 gauge earrings, 1.2mm gauge earrings

If you are looking at 16 gauge earrings, you may be looking for a new pair of earrings before attempting any ear stretching.  Here at Custom Plugs we are on hand to help you choose the perfect pair of 16 gauge earrings for your lobes. We create unique designs in a variety of shapes and colours to guarantee there’s one for every style! 

Whether you are switching out your current 16 gauge ear piercing for a new colour, or are planning to move up to a larger stretched lobe search our collections today!

16 gauge lobe earrings - Shop the collection for 16 gauge ears

We stock a wide range of 16 gauge earrings made from different metals.This includes gold titanium, silver titanium, brass, rose gold or even features with acrylic detail. All of our designs are safe to use on pierced lobes, with 16 gauge earrings being great as an average ear piercing before starting out on ear stretching.

So even if you are searching for something niche like 16 gauge horseshoe earrings or even 16 gauge hoop earrings, we are on hand to help. 

What size are 16 gauge earrings?

16 gauge earrings in mm is equivalent to 1.2mm or 3/64". This is an average ear piercing size. 

If you are new or thinking about ear stretching, please be advised to work your way up the size guide slowly to avoid damage. If you need guidance you can find more in our complete guide to ear stretching.

All body jewellery, plugs, tunnels and gauges on our website offer various sizes in the same design, ensuring you can find the perfect fit. For more information on plug sizing read our ear gauge size chart.

What materials, shapes, and colours do 16 gauge earrings come in?

We stock 16 gauge earrings made from different metals. All are created by us and handpicked to ensure they are durable, safe to use and easy to clean.

Our earrings feature unique designs. So whether you are after a classic hoop style, or want a funky acrylic hanging feature - you will easily find an array here at Custom Plugs. 

Have a question on 16 gauge earrings?

Need more information on 16 gauge lobe earrings? Get in touch with the Custom Plugs team today, where we can answer any question that you may have about body jewellery including plugs, tunnels, gauges, tapers and more.

Are 16 gauge ear piercings safe to have?

Yes, 16 gauge ear piercings are safe to have as this is a standard size when it comes to new ear piercings. 

If you are thinking about progressing on to ear stretching, we advise to always safely stretch ears by following the correct techniques, and that your ear plugs are kept hygienic. You can find more information on correct stretching in our ear stretching guide.

What is the size of 16g earrings in mm?

16g earrings in mm is 1.2mm. If you are unsure on ear plug sizes, find more information on our size conversion guide.

Do you have to stretch your ear lobes to have 16 gauge earrings?

No, 16 gauge is a standard size for newly pierced ears. 

For ear stretching to larger sizes It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Experts recommend only increasing your tapers by one size (2 gauge) at a time and waiting 6 to 8 weeks before increasing.