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12mm gauges are on the larger size of stretched ear plugs but that gives us more space to work with to create awesome designs. Over the last 10 years we have created one of the largest collections of plugs and tunnels in a range of sizes from 8mm and 12mm plugs all the way down to 1mm tunnels that suit every style and occasion. 

12mm gauges - Shop our collection of 12mm gauge plugs

If you’re tired of your old 12mm ear plugs and you’re ready for something new, or it’s your first time buying jewellery for your 12mm stretched ears we’ve got plenty of options.  

In our store you’ll find a wide range of 12mm gauges, 12mm tunnels, 12mm plugs and more! We’re constantly adding new products to our line-up to give you more options to choose from, and we want everyone to be able to find something that matches their unique style from our rainbow fluorite plug to our blue and green iridescent plug. 

Check out everything we have to offer by browsing our collection of 12mm ear gauges.

What size is 12mm piercing gauges?

12mm gauges are equivalent to ½” size and doesn’t have a corresponding “G” size.

In order to wear 12 mm plugs and gauges, you’ll need to have 12mm stretched ears. For those of you that are still working towards 12mm size, make sure you use proper ear stretching kits, such as the ones that we have available here.

It’s also important to note that you shouldn’t rush things when stretching and give your skin enough time to heal properly, otherwise you risk injuries such as blowouts. 

What materials, shapes and colours do 12mm gauges come in?

Our 12mm tunnels, gauges and plugs are available in several different materials. Recently there has been an increase in popularity for sustainable materials such as wood, glass, stone and metal. These items usually go well for most occasions, as they look stylish and can be formal or casual.

In addition to these materials, we also have silicone and acrylic 12mm gauges. Silicone gauges are soft and easy to put in, making them ideal for those who lead active lifestyles, while the acrylic gives us a lot of flexibility for eye-catching designs. 

Since we want to give you more ways of expressing yourself, our 12mm ear plugs and gauges are available in many different shapes as well. Beside your usual circular plugs and tunnels, we also have more uncommon shapes such as coffin, teardrop, saddle, triangles and squares. 

Make sure you check them all out in our collection.

Colours are also important to everyone, so we made sure you’ll have plenty to choose from. Our metal collection comes in steel, black, silver, bronze, brass, gold and rose gold colours, while our acrylic and silicone plugs can come in a variety of different colours and patterns. We also incorporate precious and semi-precious stones in some of our designs which give cool effects and colour combinations! 

Got questions about our 12mm gauges?

If you need help with 12mm gauges or you have a question, get in touch and we’ll try to get back to you in a couple of days.

What Size Is A 12mm Gauge?

If you are used to the metric, gauges can be hard to picture without visual aid or the help of an expert. However, to help you visualise, 12mm converts to half an inch.

What Are 12mm Plugs In Gauge?

The smaller the number, the bigger the gauge size. The biggest gauge size is double zero gauge, which equates to 10mm or 3/8ths of an inch. 12mm converts to half an inch, which is much larger than the double zero gauge and could potentially cause permanent stretching.

Can I Stretch My Ears Every 2 Weeks?

No, you should always wait a month or two for the stretch to heal completely before attempting to take the gauge size up a notch. It is a long, arduous journey- prepare for that.

How Can I Stretch My Ears Without Tapers?

You can start by wearing heavier plugs that make ears bigger. Adding larger jewellery to stretch the gauge could also work, but never overdo it. Ensure that you are always comfortable when adding on any extra weight. You can also add some PTFE tape to your current plugs.

At What Point Should I Stop So My Gauge Can Shrink Back?

Professionals suggest that the point of no return would be anything larger than a 0 gauge. You want to stop at a 2 gauge, though and not push it all the way through. Our bodies are not toned the same, and for some, the point of no return could be way before the 0-gauge level.