10mm Gauges, Plugs & Tunnels (00g)

Shop our collection of 10mm Gauges, Plugs & Tunnels (00g) for stretched ears.


Whether you’re looking for 10mm plugs for a special occasion, or want to give the perfect 10mm ear plugs as a gift, here at Custom Plugs we have the largest collection of ear plugs and tunnels in the world. 

We’ve spent the last 10 years building up our reputation of being the go-to place for quality, unique, and stylish jewellery. We have various designs, sizes, materials, and shapes in 10mm gauge jewellery options to add to your collection. 

10mm gauges - Shop our collection of 10mm gauge plugs

Do you already have 10mm stretched ears and you’re looking for something new to match your style? In our collection, you’ll find unique 10mm plugs like our black coffin gauges, as well as jewellery with cool effects like our blue and green iridescent plug! 

We also have more traditional options like our 10mm gauge earrings and dangle plugs as well as stylish 10mm tunnels for everyday use. 

What size is 10mm piercing gauges?

A 10mm ear gauge is equivalent to 00g size. A 10mm gauge is the largest size that still uses the gauge system and you’ll notice anything larger than 10mm will have its size measured in just mm or inches.

All of our products have the sizing information available for each style to make it easy to get the right fit, but if you need more help with sizing or converting, check out our easy to use ear gauge size chart.

What materials, shapes, and colours do 10mm gauge come in?

In our collection, you can get a 10 mm gauge in several different materials. The classic metal 10mm ear tunnel or plug can come in steel, black steel, rose gold, gold, silver, and brass colours. Plus, we also have interesting combinations of different materials that include precious or semi-precious stones.

If you want something comfortable for everyday use we also have silicone, glass, and acrylic plugs and tunnels 10mm in diameter, which come in a variety of colours and patterns. 

When it comes to shapes, there is a lot to choose from. Besides the classic 10mm ear tunnel, plug, taper, or spiral, there are more unique shapes such as the heart, square, triangle, or even saddle! 

The precious and semi-precious stones in our designs really make our plugs stand out, and some of our favourites include quartz, rose quartz, diamond, amethyst, and cobalt. 

When it comes to colours we have a huge range, but as well as the traditional options we also have unique effects thanks to the different materials which results in things like the Picasso jasper plug which has a marble effect, or our glass opalite plug that looks ethereal in a 10mm ear gauge. 

Want to browse the collection? Check out everything we have to offer right here!

Got questions about our 10mm gauges?

If you still have any questions about gauges, sizes, stretching, or anything else, send us a message and we will try to get back to you within a day or two.

What Size Are 10mm Gauges?

10mm gauges convert to 3/9ths of an inch