1 inch Gauges / Plugs (25mm)

Shop our collection of 1 inch Gauges  / Plugs (25mm) for stretched ears.


Are you tired of wearing the same 1 inch plugs and gauges all the time? Are you looking for something that will fit your unique style or even a special occasion? Then you’re in the right place, as high-quality unique plugs, tunnels, and gauges are our specialty here at Custom Plugs. 

1 inch gauges - Shop our collection of 1" gauge plugs

We have one of the largest collections of ear plugs, tunnels and gauges in the world and plenty of sizes, including 1 inch ear gauges. We have options for a variety of special occasions like our gold steel teardrop tunnel, or our blue goldstone plug which looks like a night sky. 

Our team is working constantly on bringing you new designs and interesting patterns, so check out our store and see which 1 inch gauges you would pick for yourself. Or even better – gift to someone and make their day!

What size is 1 inch piercing gauges?

1 inch plugs are 25mm in diameter and you’ll be able to filter through our products in the store and see which designs are available in your size. Just bear in mind that some styles and materials are better suited to ears that are completely healed.

If you’re aiming for one inch plug sizes then why not check out our ear stretching kits to help you get there, or if you need to convert your current sizes and jewellery check out our stretching sizing chart which has all of the conversion sizes you need. 

What materials, shapes, and colours do 1" gauges come in?

When you find a 1 inch ear plugs that you love, we want to make sure that it will last which is why we only use high-quality materials. All of our items are available in many different shapes, colours, and materials. 

Acrylic, glass, and metal are our most popular materials for one inch gauges, but we also have other materials such as silicone, stone, and wood. We’re really proud of our 1 inch wood plugs as they look awesome by themselves, but they also go really well with precious and semi-precious stones or metals. 

Acrylic and glass 1 inch plugs come in a wide selection of colours, patterns, and prints. They are also available in teardrop shapes as well as the traditional tunnel and plug. 

If you’re looking for special occasions, our metal one inch plugs can be quite interesting. We offer stylish 1 inch tunnels as well as more intricate and themed design like our mermaid plug which is a hit. 

Just be aware that not all of our designs will come in a 1 inch gauge size so it’s important to filter or check the size before you buy.

Got questions about our 1" gauges?

If you have any questions, you can always get in touch and we will aim to get back to you within a couple of days.